Just like there are some timeless hairstyles that always work like magic, the layered haircut will forever be one of the most popular haircuts. After all, when you want that boost of volume along with a makeover, the best possible option is a layered haircut. But if you thought that there’s only one kind of layered haircut, you couldn’t be more wrong. You’d be surprised but you can actually experiment so much with the layered haircut—from shaggy layers with a full frontal fringe to cascading layers, there are a bunch of haircuts to try out if you’ve been in love with layers for as long as we have. Scroll down to see your options before you get your next haircut appointment...
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BB styling tip

Before getting any haircut, you must ensure that your hair feels nourished. If you have healthy growth, the haircut automatically looks gorgeous on you. A few months before you go in for a haircut, make sure you start washing your tresses with the Sunsilk Long and Healthy Growth Shampoo and Conditioner. Enriched with biotin, this product nourishes your hair from the roots. Like that’s not enough, it leaves a gorgeous fragrance behind every time you wash your hair. Perfect, right?

feather layered haircut

Feather layered haircut

A feathered layer haircut is basically when your hairstylist gives you fine layers using the razor. You can ask your hairstylist to leave your feathered layers short in the front so that it frames your face. This is perfect if you have a round face and want it to look angular.

layered choppy lob haircut

Layered choppy lob

A lob and layers? Yes, please. If you are bored of long tresses but don’t want to go too short either, a layered choppy lob is just the right haircut for you. This one has more layers at the back so your hair looks voluminous yet funky. The best part? It suits just about everyone!

side swept layer haircut

Side-swept layers

This is simply when your hairstylist gives you side bangs and layers the rest of your tresses. Sure, it might be tough to maintain but with a blow dryer and a texturizing spray you will be sorted!

short tousled layer haircut

Short tousled layers

If you want to go short, you can easily give the tousled layered haircut a shot. If you have wavy tresses, you can try it naturally by opting for a layered lob but if you have straight hair, you might have to scrunch it up and use a sea salt spray. Just finger comb your hair and you’re done!

cascading layer haircut

Cascading layers

This one’s the perfect mix of short and long layers and is suited best for those of you with thick hair. These layers begin near the chin and it resembles a two-tiered haircut at the back.

shaggy layers with bang haircut

Shaggy layers with bangs

This is haircut has more of a fuller look around the crown while it becomes thinner towards the edges. You can either go for this haircut without bangs or opt for full frontal bangs that usually work with shaggy haircuts.

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