For years, makeup has been about precise strokes and razor sharp lines. However with the advent of social media, that philosophy was turned on its head. Thanks to the rise in filtered selfies and Instagram-able skin, things changed and led to the birth of blur makeup—makeup that intentionally blurs your skin—and one of the hottest makeup trends of 2017. Curious about how the blur makeup trend works? Keep reading…
blur makeup trend

What is blur makeup?

When you upload a picture on Instagram, the blur tool diminishes clarity and gives the image a soft focus. Same with the lens blur tool on Photoshop. With such high standards of smooth skin being set in the digital world, it’s only natural to try and live up to it in reality. Enter blur makeup, which softens the appearance of pores, scars and imperfections. Think of it as a Snapchat filter in a bottle. We bet you won’t be able to resist it now!

blur makeup tips

How does it work?

Blur makeup products are available in the form of sticks and tubes as a makeup prep step for a soft, dewy glow à la Photoshop and Instagram. So if you are wondering how blur makeup products distinguish themselves from concealers and foundation, the difference is in the mechanics. Blur makeup consists of light diffusing ingredients, which, when applied to the skin, smoothen scars, minimize fine lines and even out texture.

lakmé absolute blur perfect makeup primer

How can I try it?

It goes without saying that everyone wants to flaunt flawless skin, not only on social media but also in daily life. If you want to give blur makeup a go, give it a shot by using the Lakmé Absolute Blur Perfect Primer. This primer acts like a magic potion to smoothen pores and scars while lessening the appearance of imperfections. It also primes the skin so that makeup can go on smoother and last longer. Try it and you’ll never need a filter again!

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