Barely a few days to go for the festival of colour and your excitement is almost palpable. While you’ve zeroed in on where you’re going to be celebrating Holi, have you thought about how you’re going to give your hair and skin that extra protection through the festivities? After all, these harsh colours could do some damage. We asked renowned dermatologist Dr. Aparna Santhanam to weigh in on some hair and skin care tips to keep in mind before you make the most of Holi…
ponds white beauty daily spot less lightening cream

Protect your face

One of the first steps towards preventing your skin from harsh colours is using a moisturiser that will keep it hydrated and fight the toxins. Explaining why it is a good practice to moisturise before playing Holi, Dr. Santhanam says, “A moisturiser protects the inner layer of skin by keeping it replenished. It also helps the colour to wash off easily without much of a fuss and damage to the skin.” For this purpose, we suggest you go with the Pond’s White Beauty Daily Spot-less Lightening Cream.

vaseline intensive care deep restore body lotion

Shield your body

While you prep your face against UV rays and toxins in the colours, let’s not forget that your body needs protection too. Ensure your skin doesn’t get dry and flaky thanks to the colours and sun exposure with the Vaseline Intensive Care Deep Restore Body Lotion. It is formulated with glycerin, pure soya extracts and stratys-3 multi-layer moisture, all of which lend your skin optimum hydration.

sun expert uv lotion spf 50 pa

Layer with sunscreen

The effects of UV rays are tremendous between 10 to 4pm and that’s exactly when all the Holi parties happen! That’s why you should slather on some Lakmé Sun Expert UV Lotion SPF 50 PA+++ on your face and body before you head out. It’s absorbed into the skin quite easily and doesn’t make it feel greasy at all. Moreover, it’ll shield you from 97% UVB rays that can cause sunburn and its PA+++ will protect you from UVA rays that are said to be responsible for skin darkening.

dove elixir nourished shine

Don’t ignore your hair

You need to keep in mind that harmful toxins in both wet and dry colours can strip your hair of natural oils and make it frizzy and lifeless. That’s why an oil massage pre-Holi celebrations is a must. Dr. Santhanam echoes this thought, “An oil massage prevents colours from penetrating into the hair shaft and averts breakage when you're trying to wash off the colour.” So give your hair the goodness of Dove Elixir Nourished Shine that’s enriched with argan oil—something that will retain the moisture in your hair fibre.

lakmé absolute gel stylist top coat

Care for your nails

Don’t you just hate the sight of traces of colour on your nails the day after Holi? To stay away from that, you must apply a base coat like the Lakmé Absolute Gel Stylist Top Coat on your nails before you step out. This will keep your nails away from colour as well as save them from breakage.

vaseline petroleum jelly

Care for your lips

It is imperative for you to give your lips that extra TLC before you step out to play because the colours can easily cause irreversible damage to your lips. Dr. Aparna confirms the same, “It is important to protect your lips from being discoloured so it’s essential to use a thick lip balm that will keep the colour away.” We suggest you go with Vaseline Petroleum Jelly that will lend your lips the necessary hydration and protection.

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