• Root stamping

    Root stamping What is it: Applying mascara by gently pressing down on the roots before moving upwards towards the lashes

  • Rainbow brows

    Rainbow brows What is it: A makeup trend in which the brows are painted in transitional shades of the rainbow

  • Rainbow eyelashes

    Rainbow eyelashes What is it: A vibrant lash trend in which different shades of colour are applied over sections of the eyelashes

  • Ridge Filler

    Ridge Filler What is it: Used in place of a base coat and used to fill in nail ridges to ensure a smooth, even manicure

  • Rough Blow Dry

    Rough Blow Dry What is it: A hair styling technique that is used to rid wet hair of excess moisture and dry it without styling it

  • Rice Starch

    Rice Starch What is it: A translucent powder with fair cohesion, considered to be a skin soother and emollient.