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We've read about detoxing our bodies and minds as a means to start afresh and rid ourselves of negativity. But what we often tend to neglect is the fact that our surroundings and dwellings play a big role too. After all, how can we expect to move on to better things if we keep bumping into things that serve as reminders the past. This is exactly why, it is time for a detox!
clean out your junk

Clean out your junk

Your untidy wardrobe, your unclean hair and makeup brushes, that dirty doormat; all of these could use some serious cleansing. Imagine going a day (or two) without bathing—well, these have been lying unclean for days.

let in some air

Let in some air

Open those curtained windows and let some air in. Set a few plants along the window sill. Buy candles and potpourri, and add life to a dead desk—for a home that doesn't look like one wouldn't feel like one either.

declutter your electronics

Declutter your electronics

One of the biggest deviations from detox—technology. While you can't seem to do without it, organizing your electronics into a corner, as opposed to plugging them in every socket in your living room, would be a great start.

get rid of old things

Get rid of old things

It’s believed that old objects tend to hold negative energy from times gone by. So get rid of things that don't bring you joy anymore to make room for the ones that do—because holding onto sentiments, memories, everything that once was, can only get you so far.

deep clean your home

Deep clean your home

Look deeper inside. Get rid of the old snacks and spices stacked up in your kitchen shelf; throw away expired makeup; donate old clothes to charity, and if need be, order in a professional to deep clean your home. Yes, services do exist.

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