The one thing that never gets old—texting an old boyfriend (if not drunk-texting him, which is equally in vogue too). We’ve all done it, and there’s no surety it won’t happen again, because our generation is filled with people who refuse to learn. We have this amazing knack of excusing ourselves out of situations, and blaming it on our nature, reflexes and impulses—basically, anything and everything that has a subjective way of interpretation.

Oh well, can’t help everyone! But for those that we can, here’s a few pointers on how to avoid texting your ex.
draft an email

Draft an email

Pour out your feelings and vent out that frustration. Type the words in bold or highlight your sentences in red. Type it all away and save it. Don’t send. Don’t discard either. Open it 3 weeks from now and see how you feel then.

call up your best friend

Call up your best friend

Best friend therapy is a real thing. Go meet her in your most distressed state or call her over to see your swearing, sobbing self. Find a new place in the city each time you meet, and curse the hell out. You've been wronged, and while no one owes you an answer, not even life itself, you have your best friend who will unfailingly try. So tell her how you thought of texting him and you'll get your answer in her fuming.

go on digital detox

Go on a digital detox

You probably already were imagining a world where there was no social media to update you about his latest check-ins or worse, his Snap Stories with his new girlfriend. Well, it's possible—if only you had the courage to leave your device aside for a week. Not only would this be the most automatic way of avoiding all communication with your ex, it'd also help you see the big, huge world beyond that screen. Go try it!

rewind replay and realize

Rewind, replay and realize

Take five minutes to yourself, a text can wait that long, and note down all the things you couldn't do or had to abstain from because he was in your life. Flirting with a classmate? Working out because he took up too much energy? Not going to a place/movie of your choice because he didn't like it? Jot down all of these things and realize how these are all the things you’d rather be doing than texting him right now—so how bow dah!

go extremes

Go extremes

So you’re never tempted to text him again. Blocking and deleting him is one way to go about it, but who are you kidding, you’ve already memorized his number. Teach yourself the hard way; take screenshots of bad fights, of his Insta Stories with his new girlfriend and torture yourself. Scroll through them till the thought of texting him makes you feel sick, and keep scrolling till you’ve finally built resistance. Nothing could touch you now.

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