Being a fellow curly hair girl, I totes understand the need to find hairstyles that soothe your crazy hair down! Bringing down the frizz in curly hair is a bigger task than all our beauty rituals, amirite? So let's do a get-go on some unmissable hairstyles for curly hair to keep your frizz in check and make your hair look like a dream.


01. Messy chignon bun

Messy chignon bun

Image courtesy: @The Right Hairstyles


This messy twist to a low bun is the perfect fit for curly hair, especially on the third day after wash when curls get flat and hair a tad more frizzy! Divide your hair into three sections and make a bun with the middle section. Take hair from either side of the remaining sections and pin them around the middle bun.


02. Side twisties

Side twisties

Image courtesy: @ShaadiSaga 


Prep your hair with TRESemme Keratin Smooth Hair Serum to control frizz and add shine. Part your hair to the side and start twisting hair on the side with less hair. Secure with U pins or bobby pins and done! This hairstyle is perfect for just after hair wash or the day right after when your hair is bouncy.


03. Hawk Braid

Hawk Braid

Image courtesy: @The Right Hairstyles


French braids have a new meaning in 2022 with the french hawk braid raging all over. This adds the right kind of texture while helping keep the frizz in check. Also, this is the perfect way to show your highlights and lowlights if you have coloured hair. Once you’re done braiding your hair don’t forget to spray on the TRESemme Compressed Micro Mist Invisible Hold Natural Finish Smooth Hold Level 2 Hair Spray


04. Double braid equals double the sass!

Double braid equals double the sass!

Image courtesy: @Inspired Beauty

This pulled out french braid transforming into a fishtail is just the right fix for making your hair manageable and controlling your frizz on days when hair goes berserk, come on we all have those days. It gives such a lustrous texture along with giving you a healthy voluminous look.


05. Lowkey half bun

Lowkey half bun

Image courtesy: @Arun Kumar

On days when you want to be effortless, opt for this low key half-bun. We’ve all done this hairstyle at least once in our life because it's the perfect balance between cute and sloth *phew* But now’s a good time to revise our classics and put this hairstyle right back into our daily hairstyle calendar!