From Alia Bhatt's flower-adorned hairdo and Vidya Balan's sari-clad ensemble to Lana Condor's multicolored manicure and Dua Lipa's sky-high multi-braided updo, the divas have served head-turning looks this week. And just saving them isn't enough. That's exactly why we're rounding up some of the best looks we stumbled upon on Instagram this week. And, wow, you're going to love each one of them.


01. Alia Bhatt's flower-adorned tresses

Alia Bhatt's flower-adorned tresses

I'd rank this one as my absolute favorite, simply because of my unhealthy obsession with girls who tuck flowers into their hair. It's such a soft look. With faux freckles, rosy blush and subtle eyeshadow, Alia looks like a dream. She always fashions her ensembles with minimalistic looks, and this one epitomises the definition of minimalism. We're here for it. Clearly.

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02. Dua Lipa's multi-braided hair

Dua Lipa's multi-braided hair

Image Courtesy: @dualipa


We don't think I've ever seen an updo quite like this one. This look reigns supreme over the rest of Dua's hairdos, including her face-framing braids. It's almost intriguing; look at how her ponytail is sectioned off into multiple braids. And the side-part secured with a pin? Iconic. Clearly gives Gen-Z a chance to rethink their stance on side-parts.

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03. Lana Condor's perfectly manicured nails

Lana Condor's perfectly manicured nails

Image Courtesy: @lanacondor


Lana, we know you're not just showing off your newly-done nails to us, *wink, wink*. Not so discreet. But have you noticed the pattern yet? A lot of our favs are opting for shorter nails instead of opting for extensions. And we're so hopping onto the bandwagon. Lana's look is tied together with on-fleek brows, flushed cheeks, and a hint of pink on the lips.

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04. Camila Cabello's very green aesthetic

Camila Cabello's very green aesthetic

Image Courtesy: @camila_cabello

Ever dismissed the colour green as boring? Camila is here to change your mind. Spot that dust of glittery green over her lids? It compliments her outfit and earrings so well. And if you're asking us, we'd rather our tresses resemble hers than go all out with a polished blow-dry. Oh, and, notice that sprinkle of shimmer all over her shoulders and neck? She's bringing the body shimmer trend back! Britney will be proud.

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05. Katrina Kaif's no-makeup makeup look

Katrina Kaif's no-makeup makeup look

Image Courtesy: @katrinakaif


This has been Kat's aesthetic since the start. But we're loving this look in particular because of how casual it is. Paired with a striped shirt, Katrina embodies the lyrics ‘Her Hair Is Kinda Wild And Free’ perfectly. Love does grow where our very own Rosemary goes. No? To complete the look, she has dabbed a shade of pink on the lips and eyes, and accentuated her lashed with some mascara.

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