5 near-genius hair care tips we picked up from a celebrity hairstylist

Written by Nishtha BhallaSep 25, 2021

If you've followed almost every tip under the sun when it comes to hair care and are still dealing with dry, lifeless hair, we’re sorry to break it to you, but you might be doing it wrong. Getting a red-carpet-ready mane requires time, patience, and some expert pro tips. And luckily for you, we've got some hair care tips that will help you up to your game. Enter: Celebrity hairstylist Jonathan Van Ness.

The Queer Eye star quickly shot to fame with his sassy persona, and of course, his fabulous mane — and through the course of his show, he's garnered a massive following who treat his hair care tips as gospel. We'll admit, we're fans too! Ahead, we're listing down our top hair care tips that we picked up from the uber fab celebrity hairstylist, Jonathan Van Ness. Take notes!

01. Switch to silk

JVN believes in switching to a silk pillowcase since it's better for the mane. While sleeping on a cotton pillowcase creates friction and heat, which causes breakage and frizziness, silk does the exact opposite — meaning you get long, lustrous hair. His nighttime routine also consists of a silk scrunchie, BTW! Excuse us while we stock up.

02. Don't always wash your hair post-workout

We've all been there — a strenuous workout has left our hair all sweaty and matted up, and we need to wash it fast. However, according to Jonathan Van Ness, even though the sweat feels 'dirty', it's actually not! It's just salt and your natural oils being activated, so it's not always the worst thing to leave them unwashed post-workout, especially if you already washed your hair that day. Instead, use a dry shampoo and work with the texture you have.

03. Prep and prime

According to the Queer Eye star, prepping and priming your locks is the key to maintaining your hair. He believes that prep and prime spray applied on wet hair can make your tresses look sleek and glossy when they dry and also extend the life of your blow-dry. He also suggests using a leave-in mist or repair treatment on your ends to protect them from damage.

04. Stop over-washing

JVN's lustrous mane is the envy of many — and it comes as a result of not over-washing. He shampoos his hair only a couple of times a week since washing it every day turns it dull and lifeless. He recommends you go the co-wash route or use a cleansing conditioner on alternate days since that will remove all the grime from your locks while maintaining the right balance of natural oils.

05. Stay away from the baddies

Like most beauty enthusiasts, Jonathan avoids sulphates like the plague, since they strip the hair of its natural oils. He also recommends keeping away from alcohol and parabens and has a general rule of thumb for spotting ingredients that are probably bad for you — he says you should stay away from words that you can't pronounce, and well, we definitely agree on this one!