Revealed: The Secret To Disha Patani's Lustrous Locks

Written by Nishtha BhallaNov 30, 2023
 Revealed: The secret to Disha Patani's lustrous locks

We're just going to say it — we're pretty envious of people who have flawless hair. We wake up with different permutations and combinations of frizzy, greasy, brittle, and overall unmanageable hair. But there are a few people who seem to never have a bad hair day, and Bollywood actor Disha Patani is one of them. With luscious, lustrous locks that cascade perfectly every single time that you see her — whether it's on the big screen or on her Instagram — her hair basically looks like it’s just been blowdried to perfection every single time.

And while we're a little jelly, we've discovered the secret to Disha Patani's fabulous mane — and we're here to share. Ahead, we're revealing the secret to Disha Patani's lustrous locks, so take notes.


01. Oil treatments for the win

05. Stay away from heat styling tools

A self-proclaimed 'old school' person when it comes to mane maintenance, Disha Patani is all about oiling her hair a couple of times a week. Her choice in hair oils ranges from onion seed to almond oil, all of which help make the hair stronger, keep damage away, and promote lustrous locks.


02. Opt for a mild shampoo

05. Stay away from heat styling tools

Since she has a hectic schedule, Disha Patani washes her hair a couple of times a week, and when she does, she uses mild shampoo. Since mild shampoos have gentler cleansing agents, they effectively remove grime and dirt from the hair while also ensuring that your hair doesn't frizz up or tangle up afterwards.

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03. Never skip conditioner

05. Stay away from heat styling tools

While it may be common to skimp out on conditioner just because of the misconception that it's unnecessary, well, you're doing it wrong. And Disha Patani gets that. The actor always uses a conditioner after every wash. Shampooing can strip your hair of its natural oils, so some conditioning is necessary to lock in the moisture and prevent the tresses from turning frizzy and unmanageable.

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04. Hair serum is always a good idea

05. Stay away from heat styling tools

Disha Patani's hair care routine also consists of using some hair serum, usually post-wash. Hair serums are considered saviours of bad hair days, especially if you have dry, frizzy hair. They promote shine, do some major frizz control, boost smoothness, and protect against heat and environmental damage. You definitely need this one in your routine if you want healthy, happy locks like Disha Patani!

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05. Stay away from heat styling tools

05. Stay away from heat styling tools

Apart from imparting some wisdom on the secret to her lustrous locks, Disha Patani also has advice on what to avoid. The answer is one you've probably known all along — it's heat styling. Even though she may occasionally have to style her hair for films and such, when she’s off-duty, she's all about staying away from heat styling tools that can cause hair damage. And if she's being subjected to heat styling anyway? Well, she recommends using a heat protection spray to ensure that there's no permanent damage to your locks.

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