DIY hair colour gone wrong? Here’s how to fix it!

written by Sanya Hamdani on Apr 07, 2020

Dyeing your hair at home can save you time and money. But more often than not, despite following every instruction on the label to the T, most people end up with a hair colour fail *sigh*. Are you going through a DIY hair colour fail ATM? Worry not! We’ve gotchu, girl!

Learn how to fix a DIY hair colour fail in 3, 2, 1…

Mistake 01: It’s too dark

One of the most common mistakes most women make while dyeing their tresses at home is leaving the colour on for too long. You probably dozed off or got caught up in work; whatever the reason, you have a disaster that needs fixing.

Fix it: Take a quick shower. Wash your tresses using a clarifying shampoo; it will help lighten your hair by a few shades but can end up making your hair frizzy. So follow up with a generous amount of conditioner or hair mask to nurse your hair back to health.

Mistake 02: Stained skin

You settled for a DIY hair colour session because you wanted quick results but now the dye has stained your neck and ears and you don’t know how to get rid of it. This is a very common mistake, but don’t worry, here’s what you can do.

Fix it: While applying hair dye, keep wiping the colour off your skin immediately. If your skin has already stained, use a gentle cleanser to wash it off. And if all fails, you can always resort to makeup to conceal the stains.

Mistake 03: The colour looks very different

Hair colour turned out nothing like you had imagined it to? Fret not, here’s what you can do to prevent this from happening in the first place.

Fix it: When you pick a colour, check the pack to make sure it’s formulated for your natural hair colour; if not, then it’s not the right shade for you. If you’re not sure about which shade to go for, chose the darker one. Stay within two shades of your natural hair colour for best results.