How to create an effective hair care routine for your hair type

Written by Urvi DalalFeb 12, 2020

When it comes to our skin, most of us have a dedicated skincare routine consisting of methods and products we trust and use. But for some reason, we fail to exercise the same amount of dedication and care when it comes to our strands.

If you agree with us and your hair care routine only comprises of hair wash and conditioning, then it is time to upgrade. Below, we have listed down how to effectively start and continue an effective hair care routine that is specific to your hair type.

Start by figuring out your hair type

Sounds like a no-brainer, right? But, you’d be surprised at how many people are unaware of what their hair type is and end up damaging their strands because of this ignorance. In order to build a hair care routine, it is really important to know your hair type.

Choose the right products

Once you have your hair type figured out, the next step consists of buying the right hair care products that are meant for your hair type. This will provide your hair with the right kind of care and protection it needs, thereby improving its look and feel over time.

Oil your hair at least once a week

The next step that you must include in your hair care routine is to give your hair a hot oil massage at least once a week, if not more. This age-old remedy will prevent your strands from drying out. If you have thick, coarse and dry strands then you can leave the oil on overnight. But if your hair is thin, dry and limp, then wash it off after about 2 hours to prevent it from weighing down your strands.

Use heat styling tools sparingly

No matter how many products you use or how much you care for your strands, using heat on your hair is only going to dry them out. This zaps away all the moisture from your strands and makes them extremely brittle and easily prone to breakage. The best way to limit the use of heat styling tools is by reserving them for specials occasions or for days when you’re in a rush.

Get frequent haircuts

Despite all your hair care attempts, if you think that your hair still looks extremely dead, then maybe it’s time to go for a chop. For your hair to feel strong, soft and smooth, it is really important to make haircutting a part of your regular hair care routine. Nothing too drastic, even a trim is good enough to get rid of dry and split ends. Get a hair cut every six to eight weeks to keep your hair in its optimal health.