You can now curl your hair with a bowl of water — here’s how

Written by Urvi ShahJan 10, 2022

The last time you attempted at curling your hair with a straightener, you swore that you’d never reach out for the heat-styling tool again. You tucked it into an inconspicuous recess of your cupboard to avoid caving, but the urge is stronger than ever now.

Stop. Remember how you had to deal with excessively frizzy hair once the effect had worn out? We’ve all been there. And that’s exactly why we’ve been hunting for a hack that accentuates your curls without the involvement of heat. And, no, we’re not about to ask you to bedeck your hair with socks. We’re sure you’re well-acquainted with that TikTok hack. We’re talking about a different, newer hack. Scroll down to find out all about it.

A hack that curls your hair without heat? Tell me more!

Image Courtesy: @leighannepinnock

To achieve scrunched-up heatless curls, you need a bowl of water. And that’s about it. This hack involves submerging your hair in the bowl and scrunching your locks to create defined curls.

Is there a step-by-step process to follow?

Image Courtesy: @madisonbeer

Yes! Before you dunk your hair in the water, you must shampoo and condition your tresses. Once you’re done, run a ‘curl cream’ through your wet hair. Retrieve a bowl large enough for you to dunk all of your hair into, and fill it up with warm water. Dip your hair into the bowl, scrunch, and let the excess water slip back into the vessel. Repeat the ‘dunk-and-scrunch’ process four times to enable your hair to absorb all the moisture. This technique facilitates more absorption of water for added hydration. Conclude by applying a gel or mousse to your hair to hold the style. Applying products to soaking hair creates the smoothest curls.

You don’t have to have a particular type of hair to put this hack to the test, but it works best for hair that requires more moisture aka dry hair.

Image Courtesy: @zendaya