We believe that weekends are God’s way of giving us enough time to brace ourselves for another week of torture. So, while we have two days (unless you work on weekends — our sympathies) of free time to ourselves, we believe we should pamper ourselves the best we can! This weekend, we suggest pampering your hair to an at-home hair spa. Not only is it a fun and relaxing activity, but it will drastically improve the look and feel of your mane too. Did we mention it won’t burn a hole in your pocket? So what are you waiting for? Light a few candles, turn on some music and get scrolling…


Step 1: Massage your scalp with olive oil

Massage your scalp with olive oil

Start off by gently massaging your scalp and hair with olive oil. We recommend olive oil for hair because it contains omega-3 and antioxidants that strengthen and moisturise the hair. Take a few drops of olive oil and gently massage it on your scalp in a circular motion to hydrate and condition it properly and deeply.


Step 2: Use a hot towel to steam your hair

Use a hot towel to steam your hair

Now, to strengthen your hair and make sure the oil is properly absorbed by your hair follicles, it’s time to give it a hot towel treatment. Dampen your towel with hot water, squeeze out excess water and wrap it around your oiled locks in a turban style. Keep repeating these steps whenever you feel your towel isn’t hot anymore. Make sure to give this hot towel treatment to your tresses for at least 30 minutes before moving onto the next step.


Step 3: Wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo

Wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo

It’s time to wash away the oil from your hair, and we suggest going for a good clarifying shampoo like the Love Beauty & Planet Tea Tree Oil & Vetiver Clarifying Shampoo for this step. With ethically sourced Australian tea tree oil, aromatic vetiver and organic coconut oil, this clean and vegan shampoo clarifies and soothes your scalp while removing all the oil, dirt and build-up from it. What we love is that it refreshes your dull hair and makes it shiny and smooth while leaving a citrusy, woody fragrance in your hair. If this doesn’t scream spa-like to you, then what will?


Step 4: Treat your hair with a hair mask

Treat your hair with a hair mask

Now begins the fun! After shampooing your hair with cold water, it’s time to apply a good hair mask to treat and pamper your hair. We love the Dove Intense Damage Repair Hair Mask for this. With ¼ moisturising cream and keratin actives, this mask deeply nourishes your hair and repairs hair damages to revive and refresh your dull, dry hair.

Apply it from mid-lengths to the tips and massage it evenly through your hair. Run a wide tooth comb through your hair to ensure that the mask covers every strand, and let it sit for five minutes before rinsing it out.


Step 5: Lock it with a serum

Lock it with a serum

Once you have washed off the mask with cool water, using a microfibre towel or cotton t-shirt, wring out the excess water. Apply the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Hair Serum to the lengths and tips of your damp hair, but make sure to avoid the roots, or you’ll end up with a greasy scalp. Formulated with camellia oil, this serum will help make your shiny, smooth and vibrant. It’s common for hair to become frizzy and tangled after washing them, but when you seal them with a serum right after washing, it makes it easier to detangle and control the frizziness to a great extent.