5 tips that can help you release tension from your hair, head and scalp

Written by Tashika TyagiOct 05, 2021

Tension and stress are part and parcel of the fast-paced life that we’re living and we have come in terms with it. However, tension in your hair, head and scalp isn’t something that we’re ready to embrace yet. From soreness, irritation to headache and hair loss, this tension can cause all this and more. So, to make sure your hair and scalp are healthy and happy, we have picked out five simple tips that you can follow to release tension from your hair, head and scalp.

01. Opt for loose and relaxed hairstyles

Image Courtesy: @SOCIETY19

Tight hairstyles can be one of the major causes for your hair and scalp becoming tense. That’s why we suggest going for hairstyles that are loose and relaxed. You can try hairstyles like loose braids, low buns, messy top knots and half up and half down hairstyles to make sure your hair isn’t tugged and pulled a lot or tied together tightly - this can be a major gamerchanger for your hair.

02. Head massage FTW

Champi or head massage is an age-old remedy to relieve tension from your hair, head and scalp. Gently rubbing your fingers through your tresses and scalp can help release the tension from the area and stimulate blood flow, which can in turn make your hair thicker and improve its texture.

03. Let your hair down

Keeping your hair down as much as possible can help improve your hair’s health significantly. Try sticking to air drying your hair as much as possible as the heat from hot styling tools can further cause damage to them. Also, make sure you leave your hair open at night and use silk pillowcases and bands to cover up your hair - this helps avoid friction and lessen the chances of further damage and tension.

04. Avoid elastic hair ties

The ever reliable elastic hair ties can be causing more harm to your hair than you can imagine. These ties are inherently tight and can damage your hair by causing issues like hair breakage. So, ditch elastic hair ties and try switching to scrunchies, jaw clips or even fabric hair ties and headbands to release tension from your hair, head and scalp.

05. Deep breathing

Doing deep breathing exercises or yoga can help alleviate tension from your hair, head and scalp. Trying simple breathing exercises or asanas can do wonders for your head and hair as it helps relax your body, head and hair. So, besides deep breathing, you can try yoga asanas like sarvangasana or adho mukha svanasana to release tension from your hair, head and scalp.