The ladies that know it, know that those highlighted strands, bleached roots and perfectly curled locks may attract all those IG likes and compliments, – however, the crippling truth is known only to some. While all these chemical and heat-loaded procedures may please the eye, they aren’t really loved by the mane. So much so, bombing your tresses with coats of hues and iron plates will over time only lead to dry and damaged hair. Yes, this means no more charming natural locks.  

And tbh, while oiling and getting a hair spa is super beneficial, nothing does the trick of routine maintainace - the right shampoo, conditioner and serum. Coming in contact with our locks almost twice to thrice a week, picking out the TLC buddies is a very essential job. And although I too have tried a plethora of shampoos and conditioners, the game changed for me when a friend introduced me to the TRESemme Bond-Strength Keratin Repair Range. Not just a name, this range’s products helped my damaged hair recover and how! 

Allowing me to feel like an in-house expert, it nourished my strands with a keratin treatment; making it soft to touch as well as silky to look at. So much so, all those regular salon visits were eventually cancelled. 

Now that I am a total fan, let me take take you through all that this range can do for your mane – look out for five noteworthy benefits! Scroll down to know it all.  

Benefits to trying at home hair treatment for bond repair  

Sharing my seamless experience with you! 

Benefit #1: 5-minute quick hair treatment 


If you’re a beauty enthusiast, you must know that the keratin treatment is no easy fee We’re not only talking about the hours you need to strain from your upbeat schedule but also about the coins that make your purse lighter. Requiring a notable amount of time and money, a good keratin treatment - which you should ideally do once in 2 months is now here – I'm talking about the TRESemme Bond Strength Keratin Repair Shampoo.  

Working as a perfect damage controller, for all those heaty tongs and straightener irons – phew, this shampoo labelled as TRESemme’s most advanced repairing system works incredibly to counteract any and all signs of damage. So if you want to give your hair an at-home keratin treatment, all you have to do is take the minutes out for a self-care hairwash session. So, get down to the hairwashing session and await a recovered and ravishing mane!  

Benefit #2: Reduces hair breakage by up to 98%  


We all know that sinking feeling when your drain is clogged with strands or brush is overflowing with ‘em and even worse, when you feel your locks are getting thinner and thinner. Posing as every girl’s worst heartbreak, we’re all looking for something to curb the breakage and that’s where the trusted keratin treatment surfaces.  

Making its impactful entry, the TRESemme Bond-Strength Keratin Repair Range promises to reduce hair breakage. So much so, using this shampoo on the regular gave me evidently thicker and longer hair. Plus, for that I don’t only have to thank my shampoo but also my conditioner. And although you may be lazy to load your hair with it, TRESemme’s Bond Strength Keratin Repair Conditioner is nothing short of amazing. 

If you’ve dyed your hair a gazzalion times ( welcome to the clan) or especially indulged in the longstay trend, balayage - you know the toll the colour and bleach can have on your ends. Making them dry and prone to breakage, I fall back on nothing else but TRESemme’s star conditioner. Giving your strands that keratin treatment nourishment, this conditioner hydrates the mane like never before.  

Benefit #3: Strengthens hair up to 20x times  


Strong hair for the long run! One can surely have gorgeous locks at a party or just after they exit the salon. However, waking up to luscious and awe-worthy hair everyday is only a result of consistent love and nutrition. And this doesn’t only include getting your hands on in-house keratin treatment shampoo, conditioner and serum; the TRESemme’s Bond Strength Keratin Repair Shampoo, Conditioner and Bond Plex Oil Hair Serum, but also using them in the right way.  

After much trial and error and discussions with hair experts, I unveiled the right (and only) way that makes my mane look just incredible. Let me tell you how!  

For a shampoo and conditioner to work perfectly, you have to use them in the way they are designed. After all, a quick topical application and rinse for shampoo will not be enough and nor will stingy conditioner amounts. So, here’s how you master the DIY keratin treatment and shower wash (in this case) yourself. For starters, apply two pumps of the shampoo to your scalp and ensure you’re covering every inch of your scalp. For this, you may need to layer your hair from front to back and give the bottom end of each lifted layer a good wash. Also, while massaging the shampoo into your scalp, use your fingers in a circular motion. This will get your  blood flowing and rid of all that stubborn gunk, while aiding the percolation of protein. Moving on, conditioning  is the most integral part of your in-house keratin treatment. So, allow your conditioner to relax on your strands for a good 5 minutes, after which wash it off with lukewarm water. Once done, move on to the serum strata – take two generous squeezes of the serum and coat the lower ends of your locks with its goodness. While doing so, feel free to untangle any knots with your fingers.  

And viola, you’re done and already on your way to 20x stronger hair!  

Benefit #4: Nourishes hair  


Seen those advertisements where one literally removes a hairband and there is zero hairfall and just waving thick hair? And while, you may say, “that’s just on television!”, it can exist in real life too. TRESemme Bond-Strength Keratin Repair Range; a magnificent shampoo and conditioner combo - both of them work in tandem to nourish your hair.  

And now that this combo is doing its best to revive your hairs’ natural lustre and shine, do think about the aftercare angle as well. Once you invest in this range AKA an easy keratin treatment, you have to be mindful of some restrictions.  For starters, stay away from chlorine and also those leisurely body showers as excessive washing can make your strands brittle and dilute the effects of a keratin treatment.  

Benefit #5: Enriched with protein bond plex technology  


Wonder how the TRESemme Bond-Strength Keratin Repair Range does all that magic you’ve been trying to do for all those years? Well, you got to thank the formulation with smart Bond Plex™ for it brings to you advanced technology that will repair bonds like no other. Plus, how can we forget that it literally brings to your convenience the perks of a full-fledged keratin treatment to your home!  

FAQs about At Home Hair Treatments to Repair Hair Damage 

Now that you’re all about getting on that keratin treatment grind, we’re here to answer all your Qs.  

Q1 Is it advisable to apply heat to my hair after using the TRESemme Bond Strength Keratin Repair Range? 

You can apply heat to your strands after using the  TRESemme Bond Strength Keratin Repair Range. However, ensure before you use any heavy heat, you spray a good coating of heat protectant. 

Q2 What are the other measures I can take to reduce hair fall? 

We’d say, comb hair in the shower after applying conditioner. This will coat your hair strands and act like a barrier, making it easier to work through knots and tangles. Choose brushes with widely-spaced plastic bristles or wide tooth combs, they give strands more space to move through, meaning it doesn't take so much force to detangle them and work gently through hair in sections. Being softer on your hair will 100% reduce the number of fallen strands.