Girls with curly hair have a love-hate relationship with their locks. While the enviable curls, crazy volume and the fact that oil doesn’t show up for days makes your textured tresses awesome, hair woes like frizz, dryness and stunted growth makes you want to grab that straightener every other day.

Yes, curly hair can be unmanageable and hard work at times but we have the right way to deal with every struggle you go through with your curly mane. Here are five curly hair problems and how to solve them to keep your hair game on fleek all day, every day.

5 curly hair problems how to deal with them


This dreaded ‘F’ word is a nightmare you live everyday of your life. The slightest humidity in the air makes your hair unruly and frizzy but there’s a way to keep them well-behaved. Apply a leave-in conditioner or a serum on your damp hair after every wash and brush lightly to keep the flyaways settled.      

5 curly hair problems how to deal with them


Curly hair tangles easily and that’s why you have to think about a million times before leaving it loose on any day. Also, we are sure you’ve broken your hairbrush at least once while brushing your hair. Wash your hair in sections to avoid tangles in the shower. And, brush your hair while damp with a wide-toothed comb.

5 curly hair problems how to deal with them


Your hair is as rough as your morning toast? This happens because the cuticles open up due to humidity and the moisture is lost. Use a gentle shampoo and don’t skip on the conditioner. Apply the conditioner in a downward motion and wash after a couple of minutes, giving it time to do the job.  

5 curly hair problems how to deal with them

Slower growth

Curly hair grows at a slower speed than straight hair (like it wasn’t tough enough, already). Hair oil massages before a hair wash can help by providing proper nourishment to your curly hair. Gently massage the scalp with warm oil to regulate blood circulation and induce hair growth. 

5 curly hair problems how to deal with them


Being porous and highly prone to humidity, curly hair loses moisture easily and the result is dry and visibly dull hair. Prevent moisture loss and turn your dreary hair back to looking luscious by pampering your mane with a deep conditioning and hydrating hair mask once a week.