5 cute hairstyle ideas for the girl who loves her ponytail

Written by Urvi DalalOct 16, 2019

Ponytails are a timeless hairstyle. Whether it's summer and you need your hair out of your face, want a chic hair option for the gym or want to ditch your usual straight hair for a glam party, ponytails are super versatile and can go with a number of outfits.

We totally get it if you are bored with the usual high and low ponytails. There are many ways to jazz up your regular ponytail, and although we cannot list all, here are the five best!

Voluminous ponytail

Here’s the perfect ponytail hairstyle that all bridesmaids need to try. The mid-to-end parts of the ponytail have voluminous texture that perfectly balance out the sleek front. The best part about this ponytail is that it allows you to play up your natural texture and works just as well for girls with limp hair as it does for those with thick hair.

Ponytail with a ‘twist’

The perfect mix of vintage and modern, you need to recreate this ponytail idea the next time you have a romantic date night with bae. Recreating this hairstyle requires hardly any time as it has very little styling; a low ponytail and a little twisted section, starting at the front and taken all the way back is all it takes to nail this look. Remember to leave a few hair strands loose around your face for a softer look.

Bubble ponytail

For all those who love experimental hairstyles, the bubble ponytail should be on your radar. It is an easy way to jazz up a plain outfit and instantly look fancy. Even though this hairstyle looks difficult to recreate, trust us, it is ridiculously simple and can be done in five minutes flat.

Low wrap around ponytail

This low wrap around ponytail is a quick way to look polished and sophisticated. Perfect to be worn with all your formal outfits, this hairstyle is definitely far from boring.

Edgy AF

Sleek and sky-high ponytails are all the rage right now, thanks to celebs sporting this hairdo literally everywhere. Super simple to recreate, all you need is some hair styling gel, a hair elastic and oodles of hair spray to flaunt this stunning sleek ponytail. Don't forget to wrap a section of your hair around the base to give it some length!

Image courtesy: Pinterest and Instagram