‘A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life’ – Coco Chanel

We women sure are dramatic about our hair and haircuts now, aren’t we? If that quote is anything to go by, it is that we women choose our haircuts as carefully as we pick our outfits. After all, a haircut can make or break our overall look, don’t you agree? However, when it comes to haircuts, your face shape is the most important factor to consider. After all, no matter how pretty a cut is, if it does not suit your face shape, all your efforts will go in vain. Therefore, instead of running behind trends, opt for a style that suits your face shape. Talking about face shapes, if you have an oval face, consider yourself blessed because there is a sea of options when it comes to haircuts. Since an oval face is naturally symmetrical, several haircuts suit it. So if your face is oval in shape and you are looking for a new haircut, look no further! We have curated a list of 11 of the best oval face haircuts for you so you do not have to bother with research.


1. Shoulder length waves

Shoulder length waves

Shoulder length waves, also considered as lobs (long bobs) are extremely flattering on an oval face because it is so symmetrical. This oval face haircut looks great when in a tousled texture. It also gives you the added benefit of making your face appear longer when you part it from the center, while the waves make your cheekbones more prominent! Therefore, if you are looking for a fail-safe option, this is the haircut you must go for! This haircut can never go wrong.


2. Long waves

Long waves

If you want to try out waves, but do not want to lose out on the length of the hair, go for long waves. It will weigh down your face along with creating the appearance of a thinner face due to its fluffy soft waves. This elegant cut is the perfect oval face haircut for anyone who wants to opt for the classics rather than go with the experimental.


3. Short pixie

Short pixie

If you want to get experimental with your hair, then a short pixie makes for a great oval face haircut. Suiting the oval face shape perfectly well, this haircut has become very popular in recent times. There is no doubt about why they are the hottest summer hairstyle around! Functional yet edgy, this haircut is a must-try for anyone with an oval face.


4. Long layers

Long layers

A signature cut, long layers can accentuate an oval face by highlighting the cheekbones and the brow structure. With layers reaching up to the eyes, cheekbones and chin, this gorgeous oval face haircut is one of the best cuts for this face shape. If you have medium-length wavy hair, then definitely try this haircut.


5. Chin length bob

Chin length bob

If you want to go the short haircut route the next time you go for a cut, you can consider the chin-length bob for a chic look. This oval face haircut is great if you have straight hair, it gives a very elegant and sophisticated look to your face. The best part is that it looks great on everyone regardless of their age! Pro tip: If you get this haircut, give your hair a side parting so that the lengthy hair is on one side and the slightly shorter hair on another side.


6. Full fringe

Full fringe

If you have a large forehead that makes you feel conscious, then lessen your worries by opting for a full fringe. While most people need to think twice before getting fringes done, you are lucky to have an oval face that will allow you to rock this cut! You can get the fringes done thin or thick as per your hair texture, but make sure their length sits just below the eyebrows. This will create a very flattering effect.


7. Lob with side bangs

Lob with side bangs

If you are not adventurous enough to go full fringe, how about trying side bangs? A lob with side bangs will look marvellous on an oval face shape, especially when you have straight hair. Choose whatever side you want, and get side bangs cut in sweeping layers on that side. Apart from looking amazing, this oval face haircut will also accentuate your jawline, giving you a sexy look!


8. Sleek lob

Sleek lob

For naturally poker-straight hair, a good old sleek shoulder-length lob accentuates the features of the face beautifully. Not only does it look classy, but also highlights the eyes and the lips. This is yet another simple yet elegant oval face haircut that is worth a try.


9. Choppy bob

Choppy bob

If your hair is more wavy than straight, then you ought to try out this oval face haircut! This layered and choppy bob gives an interesting twist to your wavy hair, making it look unique! The choppy bob looks best at shoulder length, but if you are feeling experimental, you can even keep the length up to your neck.


10. Feathered shag

Feathered shag

This haircut is a modern take on the iconic Farrah Fawcett cut. If you are not a fan of blunt bangs or fringes, then you may want to give this haircut a try. The main features of this oval face cut are side-swept bangs and feathered layers throughout the length of the hair. These layers give a beachy look to the cut, making it infinitely better!


11. Bob with bangs

Bob with bangs

If you love a chic bob, then go for a classic bob with brow-skimming bangs. This will add something different to your bob and will complement your oval face.

Pro tip: For bangs that do not look overly curled, blow-dry them using a paddle brush (never a round one) and move the hair from one side to the other until they are completely dried.


FAQs about oval shape haircut

FAQs about oval shape haircut

Q. What is the best hair length for oval faces?

A. Since an oval face is symmetrical, hair in short, medium and long lengths will all suit this face shape.

Q. Is short hair good for an oval face?

A. Yes, short haircuts suit an oval face. A short haircut will complement the wider cheekbones of an oval face structure, making the overall look flattering.

Q. Do bangs suit oval faces?

A. Oval faces can pull off every type of bangs – long, blunt cut and side-swept bangs.

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