Your ultimate guide to applying a leave-in conditioner the right away

Written by Sumona BoseApr 12, 2021

As the name suggests, leave-in conditioners are hair treatments that you do not need to rinse off and offer similar benefits to a hair conditioner. They are formulated to help manage all kinds of hair types and textures, and keep them nourished and moisturised for long hours.

In addition to this, certain formulations also offer damage repair, heat protection, colour care, and hair styling benefits. Having said that, a leave-in conditioner won’t give you the desired results unless you use it right. Wondering how to do that? We’ve put together the ultimate guide that’ll teach you how to apply a leave-in conditioner correctly.

4 commandments of choosing and using a leave-in conditioner

But before we tell you how to use a leave-in conditioner. Let’s understand what to look for in a conditioner and how to pick the right formula, depending on your hair type and concern.

01. The right texture - Before you purchase a leave-in conditioner, take your hair and scalp type into consideration. Oily hair types benefit from milky or foamy textures that do not weigh down the mane. Whereas, dry and porous hair types need creamy and nutrient-rich formulas. Leave-in conditioners are available as sprays, oils, and balms, so make sure to consider your hair type and picks that is suitable for you.

02. The right formula - Coarse hair types need hydrating ingredients, while those with fine, limp hair require one with volumising ingredients. If you have coloured hair, opt for sulphate-free and colour-safe formulations.

03. The right time - Unlike hair serums and smoothing creams, which can also be applied on dry hair, leave-in conditioners work best on damp hair. Wet hair has open fibres that properly absorb the formula. You can either use it on freshly washed hair or on slightly damp hair before heat styling.

04. The right amount - Since leave-in conditioners are not rinsed out, you have to be careful with the amount you use. Overdoing can lead to build-up and greasiness. A good rule to follow is to use half the amount you do for regular conditioners and focus on evenly distributing the product on the hair length instead of applying a lot.


How to:

How to apply a leave-in conditioner
Step #1: To get the most out of your leave-in conditioner, apply the formula on damp or towel-dried hair, starting from mid-lengths to the ends using a prayer-hands technique.
Step #2: Once done, brush through with a shampoo comb to evenly distribute the product.
Step #3: Now allow your hair to air-dry or blow-dry your hair after that.
If you have curly hair and do not wish to comb it, scrunch the product into your hair and smooth it out with your fingers.
If you are new to leave-in treatments, start with a versatile and effective formula like the TIGI Bed Head Ego Boost Leave In Conditioner. Formulated with keratin and hydrolyzed silk, the lightweight product helps add soft texture and lots of shine to your mane. With a slight fragrance of fruits and berries, it will become a staple in your hair care routine from the get-go.