Let your hair down this weekend with these 5 stress-busting activities

Written by Tashika TyagiJul 09, 2021

Somewhere between rushing outside as soon as the rain begins to cribbing about how the wifi drops every time it rains - we all became adults. While growing up is fine, losing your love for the little things isn’t! So stop and think; when was the last time you just sat in your balcony and admired the greenery or when you weren’t rushing through your meals to make it to that ‘important meeting’ with your boss?

Yeah, adulthood does that to you! With never-ending college assignments, daily Zoom calls, looking after your family and everything in between - stress becomes an inevitable part of your life. But that’s why God added the weekend to our lives. So go ahead and check out our list of five stress-busting activities that you can indulge in this weekend.

01. Music therapy

In the famous words of Shamur - let the music play! The simplest way to uplift your dull spirits this weekend is to play some good music and let yourself loose. Turn on some high-tempo numbers by RiRi to add a cheerful vibe to your life or switch to some old school Bollywood tunes to relax your mind and senses!

02. Get moving

Sitting at your desk all day for five days a week can make anyone lose their minds. So, put on your shoes and go out for a long walk in a park; let the greenery soothe your stressed mind.

You can also roll open that yoga mat and do some meditation at home. Relaxing your body, mind, and breathing, yoga is one wonderful way to bust stress. In fact, you should make this a part of your daily routine to keep stress at bay. Just take a couple of minutes everyday and feel the stress slip away!

On that note, try out these yoga asanas for healthy skin and hair

03. Good reads

When was the last time you picked up a book and had a good read? Been a while, huh? Well, better late than never. Pick up the book you have been wanting to read for a while or just re-read your favourite one. Trust us nothing beats the joy of flipping through the pages of a book - it’s almost therapeutic!

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04. Digital detox

You can’t possibly avoid your laptop and phone on weekdays, but you definitely can give yourself a breather on the weekends. Allow yourself a gadget-free weekend and just let yourself relax. Keep your laptops and phones aside and concentrate on taking care of YOU.

Indulge in self care - cook or order in your favourite food, put on a face pack and while you are at it take care of your hair a little too. Stress greatly affects your hair, so a good hair mask like the Dove Intense Damage Repair Hair Mask is just what you need. The mask helps repair and revive your dull and damaged hair and gives you smooth, silky, healthy hair.

05. Hobby lobby

Let your creative side take over this weekend! When you let yourself indulge in something creative like drawing, dancing, singing, or even painting, you relieve your mind of the week-long pent-up stress. So, take up a hobby and get your creative juices flowing!