There have been numerous discussions as to why women apply makeup. A lot of men think that women apply makeup to impress them, but here’s a newsflash: They really don’t! Many people might even think that women apply makeup because they’re not confident enough to face the world. That’s not quite a fair assumption to make either. Maybe she’s just anxious to face the world with an acne-ridden face and uses makeup to boost her confidence so that she can go out there and enjoy herself without any other concerns. And this only happens because a lot of people have this annoying habit of coming up to you and pointing out the acne on your face or your puffy eyes. Believe it or not, she already knows when you’re pointing out the obvious and you’re not really helping by doing so.

Ladies, we’d only like to say this to you! Apply makeup whenever you want, wherever you want and do not let the world be a judge to any of it.


1. Boosts confidence

1.	Boosts confidence

For many women, makeup is a confidence booster. Many of you might not be used to leaving the house without putting on any makeup. In fact, there are many women who don’t want anyone to even see them until they have put on some makeup. This could be termed as a bit of an extreme obsession though. While a lot of women do accept that makeup helps them feel more confident, even minimal makeup is good enough for many others. Hence, the amount of makeup required to boost confidence varies greatly from woman to woman.


2. To look older

2.	To look older

All of you could probably agree to the point that makeup has the power to change your appearance to an extent and some people use it for this very same reason. Teenage girls or girls with a baby face often use makeup to seem older and more mature.


3. To look younger

3.	To look younger

Just the way that makeup can make you look older, it also has this uncanny ability to make you look younger as well, especially if you know those tips and tricks that can make you look younger with the help of some makeup. There are quite a few beauty products out there that can help in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on your skin, thereby making you look much younger.


4. Enhance beauty

4.	Enhance beauty

Makeup cannot really change the absolute appearance of your face or transform you into some other person completely. It can only perhaps be used for enhancing your features at the most. If you have dreamy eyes, you can make them appear even more beautiful by focusing most of your makeup on just your eyes.


5. It is so much fun

5.	It is so much fun

Makeup is a form of art and just like many other such forms, it is also a lot of fun. You can try out different looks using makeup, transform yourself into a completely new person or even just look pretty much different from the previous day. With patience and practice, you can easily learn this art and if something does go wrong in the process, you always have the option to just wash the makeup off of your face and start again.


6. Clear complexion

6.	Clear complexion

With the help of makeup, you can easily cover up all those complexion-related issues that might be troubling you. From acne and dark circles to an uneven skin tone, makeup can help you effectively cover them all up. However, the only way you can achieve a seemingly clear complexion is by applying makeup correctly. This way, your skin will look clear and free from any blemishes and discolouration.