We believe that the best way to ace your makeup game is by learning how to make the most out of the essential products you already own, rather than splurge on new ones. And it turns out concealer is one of these versatile makeup essentials! Regardless of the texture and formulation, a concealer can be used not just to blur out imperfections but for several other purposes. Wanna learn what those are? Scroll down to find out how to use a concealer in five different ways.


01. As a highlighter

Concealer - 1 product, 5 ways

Apart from concealing blemishes, a concealer can also be used to highlight the face. All you need are two concealer sticks — one that is two shades lighter and the other that is one shade darker than your skin tone — to brighten the skin instantly. Apply the lighter concealer stick on the high points of your face like the bridge of the nose, cheekbones, T-zone and cupid’s bow. Then, take the darker concealer to define other areas of your face like the sides of your nose, jawline, forehead and hairline. Use a buffing brush to blend them together to brighten up your face and get a natural glowing finish.

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02. As a pout plumper

Concealer - 1 product, 5 ways

A concealer can be used to give the illusion of fuller lips. All you need is a liquid formulation to match your skin shade and a fine tip brush. Apply a thin line of concealer around your lips before applying your lipstick. Once done, use a matte lippie to fill in a thick colour and blend out the concealer line.


03. As an eyeshadow primer

Concealer - 1 product, 5 ways

A concealer can be used to create a neutralising colour for the base of your eyelids. It can also fill in creases and fine lines on your lids to give them a smoother finish. This is a perfect hack for when the temperatures are high, and you need to create a mattifying base to avoid your eyeshadow sliding across the lids.

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04. As a brow definer

Concealer - 1 product, 5 ways

A concealer can be used to define the brows and make their arches a bit more prominent. First, fill in your brows using an eyebrow pencil. Follow this up by tracing the edges of the brow with a creamy concealer. Blend outwards to achieve on-fleek brows.


05. As a tinted moisturiser

Concealer - 1 product, 5 ways

DIY your own tinted moisturiser with a concealer. They are better at smoothening out your skin texture and offer more coverage. Mix a couple of drops of liquid concealer into your moisturiser and apply with a fluffy foundation brush for a glowy, natural finish to your skin.

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