Ah, the magical art of concealment that lets us hide those pesky under eye dark circles and fake beauty sleep! What would we do without our concealer, right? If you are someone who uses a concealer on a regular basis, you’d know that your struggle really doesn’t end at covering up that dark under-eye area.

You leave your house looking picture-perfect only to find out a couple of minutes later that your concealer has creased and has now settled into the fine lines, which is pretty evident and annoying.

This occurs due to the wrinkles and fine lines under your eyes that cause the concealer to crack and crease. However, we have a trick up our sleeves that will prevent your concealer from creasing and make your under-eye look flawless.

simple trick to keep under eye concealer from creasing

The trick:

First off, apply a primer to the area to fill in the fine lines and smoothen it. Next, apply your concealer as you would normally do.

Now, here’s the trick.

Instead of using a makeup brush, use a damp beauty sponge and blend the concealer well. Gently pat your fingers to further blend so there are no visible lines. Finish this with a setting powder. Take some powder on your sponge and dab it softly to smoothen out the finish. It will help fill in the fine lines with the product and your under-eye area will appear creaseless and perfect all day.