Those devilish dark circles… the more you look at them in the mirror the more they seem to stare right back at you. Possibly the most frustrating beauty issue ever. We all know that concealer could so easily do the trick but the real magic lies in making sure there aren’t any creases, making you look like a scary puppet...

Looking your best isn’t easy but we’re here to let you in on a few secrets that get you there pretty quickly. So say goodbye to those puppet eyes and discover how to conceal that under-eye skin like a pro.

face oil keep your under eye concealer from creasing

  • Hydrate with a face oil

    Did you know that one of the main reasons you get those annoying lines is because under-eye skin doesn’t produce as much oil as other areas on your face? So you need to make up for this by patting a little face oil (ring finger always) under the eyes and let it absorb for at least 10 minutes. Watch your skin slowly get smooth supple and almost radiant post hydration.
  • Apply it right

    You know that applying makeup is an art. Concealer is no different. First draw a triangle underneath your eyes from the inner corner of your eyes, to the centre of your cheek and back up to the outer corner of your eyes. Then fill it in. Yup it’s that simple and will brighten up your whole under eye area!

blend your concealer to keep your under eye concealer from creasing

  • Don’t get caked!

    Always remember to blend your concealer with a damp make-up sponge. If you don’t pick up the excess product, your under-eye skin will look caked and any lines will be that much more prominent.
  • Try a Setting Powder

    So this is the secret potion that hotshot make-up artist Robin Siegel uses (He did the makeup for Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Coz and Lisa Kudrow for years on ‘Friends’). After applying your concealer, apply some setting powder, then press it gently over the under eye area to make it blemish-free! This is one magic ingredient you want to get your hands on ASAP.

blotting paper trick to keep your under eye concealer from creasing

  • The Blotting Paper trick

    This one’s a really cool hack for creaseless, all-day concealer. After you’ve applied concealer, take a piece of blotting paper and dab the under skin area. This magically blots off any excess oil, leaving just the pigment behind which guarantees a lasting effect; simple, cheap and hassle-free. Write this one down in your list of best makeup tips ever.

    Never thought you could master that perfect crease-free concealer look that we see on the red carpet? Well now you know what happens behind-the-scenes… Here’s to perfect, crease-free under eye skin forever!