There are makeup junkies who can create even the most complicated look in minutes. Then there are teenagers who have better makeup skills than most people. It’s all too easy to feel like you are the only one with poor makeup skills still trying to ace that smokey eye look. But not anymore, we refuse to let you sulk and give up on makeup products forever! All you need are some neat little makeup tips and tricks that will get the work done and give you a makeup look that looks like the work of a professional.

We are giving you not one, but seven makeup tips and tricks so you get that flawless makeup look you’ve been trying to ace all this while. Even if you are good at makeup, these tricks will ensure you get a better finish and longer stay. So get your makeup products, and learn every trick there is below.


1. Apply concealer in an inverted 'triangle' shape

Apply concealer in an inverted 'triangle' shape

Everybody knows how to hide flaws and under eye circles - apply some concealer and blend away, right? But the way you apply the concealer plays an important role in how your eyes look later. Here’s an important makeup tip, instead of dotting your concealer below your eyes, draw an inverted triangle and dab and blend it downwards and outwards. This will fully conceal the darkness, offer continuity in complexion and instantly make your under eye area look brighter. Using a liquid will be easier to work with, however take your skin type into consideration while choosing a concealer to get the best results.


2. Heat your eyelash curler before using

Heat your eyelash curler before using

Heating your eyelash curler before using it will get the job done quickly and keep your lashes curled for a longer time. Simply hold it in front of your blow dryer until it becomes slightly warm, then clamp your lashes with it to get the most dramatic lashes. If you have thick lashes, then this makeup tip will ensure you don’t even have to invest in falsies.


3. Quick trick for a smokey eye

Quick trick for a smokey eye

Acing that smokey is not as complicated as you think it is. It’s simple! Pick a cream or gel eyeliner in a dark brown shade and draw a slanted hashtag on the outer corner of your eyelid. Take a makeup brush or sponge and smudge it lightly, blending both inwards and outwards to get the perfect look. This will ensure you don’t apply too much or too little eyeshadow and both sides look symmetrical.


4. Spoon as a mascara shield

Spoon as a mascara shield

Applying mascara can be quite tricky as coating your lashes without getting it on your eye lid is something even makeup pros find difficult to do. An easy trick is to hold a spoon over your eyelid so it acts as a shield between your lashes and skin. Apply one or two strokes of mascara without worrying about it getting transferred on to your skin. Any residue that would’ve otherwise landed on your skin will be sitting on the back of the spoon! Isn’t this makeup tip the best you have learned so far? Or so you think, scroll down for more!  


5. Draw an X on your cupids bow

Draw an X on your cupids bow

Have you noticed how some women always have their lipstick on point and the contour of their lips looks so perfect that it almost made you feel jealous? Well, this makeup tip right here will gave you the perfect lip shape and Cupid's bow. Take your lip liner and draw a sharp X on your Cupid's bow before reaching for the lipstick. Once you have the outline perfected with your natural lip line fill in it with your favourite lipstick and get the best lip look ever. Now it’s your turn to get some jealous stares for those perfect lips of yours!


6. Exfoliate your lips

Exfoliate your lips

Now, this may not be so much of a makeup tip but it will definitely change how your lip makeup looks. Whether you have naturally dry lips or not, it is important to exfoliate your lips as frequently as you do your face. So grab a few natural ingredients from the kitchen such as sugar and olive oil and gently scrub your lips with the mix to get rid of dead skin and dryness. This will ensure your lipsticks, even the matte ones,  go on smoothly and stay put for a long time.


7. Fix clumpy mascara

Fix clumpy mascara

If you just opened your mascara tube and found it to be clumpy and dry, fret not, because this makeup tip is going to fix that problem in a jiffy. Take some lens solution and add a few drops of it into the mascara tube. Roll the mascara tube between your palms, give it a quick shake and get smooth consistency instantly! That is the quickest way to revive dried mascara. However, you should also know that mascaras have a shelf life of six months, so if it’s older than that, please don’t risk infection and throw it away!


FAQs about Makeup


Q. What makeup products do I need as a beginner?

A. If you are new to makeup, start with simple products such as foundation, concealer, mascara, brow pencil, eyeliner and lipstick. You can slowly incorporate other products into your makeup routine.

Q. What makeup tips should I keep in mind while using the foundation?

A. Foundation is the base of your makeup and it needs to be perfect. Choose the right shade, pick one that’s slightly darker than your natural skin tone. Test it on your jawline (not your wrist) and if possible, check it under natural sunlight.

Q. Should my concealer be lighter or darker than my skin tone?

A. Unlike foundation, your concealer should be a shade lighter than your natural skin tone in order to properly conceal and brighten imperfections and give you a flawless look.

Image courtesy: Pinterest