Should Your Eyebrows Match Your Hair Colour? Find Out

Written by Sumona BoseSep 16, 2023
Should your eyebrows match your hair colour? Find out

Naturally, all the hair on your body is usually the same colour. You might experience a lighter shade of body hair but that largely depends on your grooming habits. But when it comes to hair colour and eyebrows, they are mostly the same colour. It might differ when you colour your hair, tint your eyebrows or there is natural fading of pigments due to ageing (since eyebrows grey slower than your mane). Having said that, is it necessary for your eyebrow to always match your hair colour? Let’s find out...


The rule of thumb for a flattering eyebrow colour

How to maintain your natural eyebrow colour

Your eyebrows are one of the most important features on your face. They frame your face and depending on the shape, can enhance certain features. But when it comes to the colour — NO, they don’t always have to match your hair. The rule of thumb for maintaining a flattering eyebrow shade is:

  • For lighter hair colours like grey hair or chemically lightened hair, your eyebrows should be two shades darker than your hair.
  • For darker hair colours like brunettes or red-haired girls, your eyebrows should be two shades lighter than your hair.

This rule applies for when you're looking for the MOST flattering shade for your natural or coloured hair. Because let’s be honest, eyebrow tinting can take a toll on your brows and changing it every time you get a new hair colour is not a good idea.


How to maintain your natural eyebrow colour

How to maintain your natural eyebrow colour

The bottom line when deciding on eyebrow colour that complements your hair relies on what your gut feeling says. The colour of your brows is developed from the same pigment that lies underneath your skin. As such, the natural colour is the best, most flattering shade for your skin tone. Most MUAs will suggest maintaining your natural brow shade.

If you do have a crazy colour going on in your mane, speak to your hairstylist to create a custom tint for your eyebrows that don’t exactly match, but something that will suit you well. Most celebrities leave their eyebrow colour in their natural state (hint: Khaleesi) and just rock the natural pigment. So, if you can pull off a look where you don't have to tint your eyebrows that would be ideal. If push comes to shove, just use an eyeshadow palette and brow brush to dust some matching colour on your browns for special occasions!

We also like to mention that under no circumstances should you be bleaching your eyebrow! Bleach can make your eyebrow turn orange and they might even grow because of the damage caused to the follicles. So, beware of the bleach!

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