Winters are generally harsh on the skin thanks to cold temperatures, dip in humidity and harsh winds. This can suck away all the moisture from your skin and leave your dry skin more parched and flaky. Needless to say, applying makeup to this type of skin can be a huge challenge since makeup doesn’t sit well on dry, patchy areas and ends up accentuating it instead.

But before you lose heart and consider giving up on wearing makeup in winter, please hear us out. You can easily avoid the problem and get makeup to glide on like butter on your dry skin by following the winter makeup rules below. Check ‘em out.


Rule #01: Always start with moisturiser

5 winter makeup rules every girl with dry skin should follow

To give your foundation a smooth, skin-like finish, it is imperative to apply a nourishing moisturiser before you start doing your makeup. But instead of simply slapping it on at any time, we recommend you apply it on wet skin and take a few minutes to massage the product properly into your skin. This will instantly make your skin look plumper, healthier and glowing.

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Rule #02: Never skip a primer

5 winter makeup rules every girl with dry skin should follow

Primers are holy grail makeup products. It not only makes your makeup last longer but also creates a smooth canvas for your makeup to glide on. Opt for a hydrating primer instead of a mattifying one to give your skin a nice dewy finish that will last all day long.

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Rule #03: Stay away from powder products

5 winter makeup rules every girl with dry skin should follow

If you have dry skin, then it is best to push all your powder-based makeup products to the back of the drawer, at least for the winters. Powder-based can be overly drying and soak up the skin’s natural oils, making it look dull and sallow. So swap them with cream or liquid products in the winter, as they are way more hydrating and won’t cling to the dry patches on your face.

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Rule #04: Switch to a cream lipstick formula

5 winter makeup rules every girl with dry skin should follow

During winters, it is essential to take care of your lips by exfoliating and moisturising them. Apart from this, you should also swap your matte lipsticks with creamy ones. This will not only prevent your lips from drying out but is also a great way to keep your lips looking plump and hydrated.

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Rule #05: Keep a face mist handy

5 winter makeup rules every girl with dry skin should follow

Since it’s winter, there is a chance that your skin will start feeling a little dry and tight a few hours after applying makeup. And while this is completely normal, it can be highly uncomfortable. But you can easily overcome this discomfort by spraying on some face mist every couple of hours. This will help refresh your makeup and provide a burst of instant moisture to make your makeup look fresh and dewy all over again.

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