Beauty experts and pros make it seem so easy. Just swipe your eyeshadow brush, draw a wing, wiggle your mascara wand and ta-da, you are done! But if it’s really that easy, how is it that I am spending a good whole hour trying to make my eyeliner look even and still ending up with a wonky line and smudged mascara?

I dug around and rounded up 9 eye makeup hacks that will make every makeup newbie’s life easier, so she doesn't have to spend an hour trying to remove mascara smudges from her cheeks. (Wait, how did my mascara end up there?!)

9 eye makeup hacks

Use dots as a guide for perfecting the winged liner

Map the eyeliner by drawing tiny dots along the lash line and then go on joining the dots. It helps make your eyeliner even and crisp. 

9 eye makeup hacks

Heat eyelash curler for quick lashes

Heat the eyelash curler using your hair dryer before curling your lashes with it. It helps hold the curl better and longer and is so much quicker.

9 eye makeup hacks

Nail the smoulder-y eye with an eye pencil by drawing #

Did you know you could work a smoulder-y eye using just an eye pencil? Draw a hashtag on the outer corner of your eye using a coloured eye pencil and blend to get the smokey edge.

9 eye makeup hacks

Want no mascara smudges? Use a spoon

Place a spoon on your upper and lower lid right beneath the lashes and then apply the mascara to avoid any mascara splotches on your skin.

9 eye makeup hacks

Use mascara as a liquid liner in the times of need

Eye liner got over and no time to go makeup shopping? Well, you can’t go about a day without your cat-eye, can you? Here’s the solution: take some of your mascara from the wand and draw a wing using an angled brush.  

9 eye makeup hacks

Use lip balm or lip gloss for glossy lids

Swipe your lip balm or lip gloss on your lids and blend to get glossy lids in a jiffy. Use a clear lip balm for a sheer effect, use a tinted one to get a wash of colour or use a lip gloss on your lips and lids to get a glossy monochrome look.

9 eye makeup hacks

Layer your regular eyeliner with a shimmery one to go from desk to drinks

Going to a party straight from work? Well, you don’t have to carry your whole makeup shelf with you. Simply take a shimmery liner and apply a coat of it on your regular liner to glam up instantly.

9 eye makeup hacks

Use the end of bobby pin to get a precise wing

To get that wing right every time, you don’t need serious skills or a lot of time. You just need a bobby pin. Apply your liquid liner on the open ends of the bobby pin and place it on the outer edge of your eye. Fill it in to achieve a sharp wing.

9 eye makeup hacks

Remove any slip-ups and smudges with a cotton swab

If you still happen to make any messes (because let’s face it nobody’s perfect where eye makeup is concerned), dip a cotton swab in makeup remover and wipe any smears and smudges away. It will be like it never happened!

Image courtesy: Pinteres