Don’t you just hate buying single eye shadow pans? Makes you wonder what are you supposed to do with one colour—wear the same look every day? Na-uh! Not on our watch. We are committed to helping you make the most of your beauty products and if you have a single eye shadow pan lying in your drawer (or you really, really love to wear one particular eye shadow colour on your lids), you are going to learn something very valuable today.

You don’t have to stick to a boring cut-crease or basic monochrome lid when you can score different eye makeup looks every day using one eye shadow. Don’t believe us? We came with proof. Here are not one, but five stunning eye makeup looks you can create (and rock) with just one eye shadow shade.     


01. Soft smudge

01.	Soft smudge

Colouring inside the lines is no fun, right? Keep things messy and smudgy (eye makeup wise) and play up your eye shadow with a black smudged liner for an edgy and steamy eye makeup look.


02. Inner corner glam

02.	Inner corner glam

On days when you don’t feel like working a heavy-duty eye makeup, try this minimalist way of wearing your eye shadow. Simply pack the eye shadow on the inner corner of your eyes and amp up your lashes with couple coats of mascara. Lovely and gorge AF!


03. Coloured liner

03.	Coloured liner

Yeah, an eye shadow colour can double up as a liner. Wear your favourite eye shadow colour as a precise line along your upper lid by mixing it with a dab of face oil.


04. Smokey eye

04.	Smokey eye

Probably the hottest eye makeup looks there is, the smokey eye is not restricted to black and brown colours anymore. Pull off a coloured smokey eye by packing your do-it-all eye shadow on the upper and lower lid and ta-da! Smokin’ hot eye makeup with your single-colour shadow!


05. Glossy lids

05.	Glossy lids

In case you didn’t know, glossy lids are a huge trend right now. But no, you don’t have to go and buy a glossy eye shadow. Simply mix your matte or shimmer eyeshadow colour with some clear lip gloss, lip balm or Vaseline and blend it on your lids to rock the same shadow with a glossy finish.

Image courtesy: Instagram