Here are 5 skin woes that a primer can solve

Written by Sumona BoseJul 06, 2020
Primer is undoubtedly one of the most versatile beauty products out there. Not only does it create a smooth canvas for your makeup to glide onto but also extends the wear time of your makeup. If you haven’t got your hand on this wonder product yet, here are five reasons that will convince you to do so ASAP. Take a look.

01. Makes your pores appear smaller

Contrary to popular belief, you can’t actually open or close your pores with products or DIY treatments. You can, however, make them visibly smaller with the help of a primer. The Lakme Absolute Under Cover Gel Face Primer seamlessly fills in your pores to give your face a visibly poreless appearance. Cool, no?

02. Hides fine lines and wrinkles

Apart from reducing the appearance of pores, a silicone-based primer can also help smooth out fine lines and wrinkles to give you a smooth texture for flawless makeup application. Which means, no more forehead crease lines even on the most stressful of days!

03. Evens out skin tone

There is nothing better than multipurpose makeup products — they are versatile AND pocket friendly. For instance, a waterproof and tinted formula like the Lakme Absolute Blur Perfect Makeup Primer is perfect to even out your skin tone, whether you are wearing it with makeup or on its own. Psst… it also happens to be an effective moisturiser that gives you a smooth and matte finish!

04. Blurs dark spots and pigmentation

A tinted primer will also blur out superficial imperfections on your skin like dark spots and pigmentation patches. Even though they are not meant to give you full coverage, they provide a smooth base for the concealer and foundation to go on and stay on for long hours.

05. Adds a healthy glow to dull skin

Most primer formulas are enriched with nourishing oils, vitamin E and other glow-enhancing components. Since they double up as skincare products, the ingredients help liven up a dull complexion.