Makeup brushes are like magic wands that no beauty enthusiast can do without. They magically blend everything together to give you a flawless finish.

But to ensure that your makeup brushes stand the test of time, it’s really important to wash them regularly and keep them clean. While washing your makeup brushes helps get rid of makeup residue, you know what can really extend their longevity? The way you dry them. Yep!

Have you been drying your makeup brushes the right way? Read on to find out...


How to dry makeup brushes the right way

How to dry makeup brushes the right way

Step 01: Once you’ve thoroughly cleaned your brushes, it’s time to dry them. Look for a flat surface with an edge, such as your kitchen countertop or dressing table and lay a clean towel on it. place the cleaned brushes on it and fold over the towel so it surrounds the brush. Gently press the brushes to get rid of the excess water to ensure that they’re not sopping wet.

Step 02: Next, lay the brushes flat on a paper towel in such a way that the bristles hang over the edge. What this will do is, it will allow air to pass through the bristles to dry them out more evenly. Leave the brushes like this overnight before you start using them again.

Pro tip:

Putting your brushes to dry vertically in a cup is a big no-no, even if you find that to be a lot more convenient. The water could trickle down the ferrule and could weaken the glue, shortening the life span of the brushes.