What’s better than one nail colour? Two nail colours blended to perfection! Yes, we are talking about the mesmerising ombré nail design that remains to be the hottest and most stunning manicure ever. We can’t seem to get enough of this pretty nail art and find ourselves going to the salon every once in a while to paint our nails oh-so ombré.

But a few days back, scrolling through our Pinterest feeds (as per ushe), we came across a crafty little hack to achieve the tricky nail design in just a minute. Being the manicure maniacs that we are, we gave it a try and we are happy to tell you that it works like a charm. If you can’t keep calm and want to DIY ombré nail art too, here is exactly how you can do it.

get ombré nails

You need:

A sponge

Two nail colours

Top coat

Toothpick or pin

get ombré nails

How to:

Step 1: Paint your nails in the lighter of the two nail colours that you are using for the nail art.

Step 2: Drop a few drops of both nail paints on a plain surface next to each other and swirl the paints where they meet with the help of toothpick or pin so they graduate into an ombré effect.

Step 3: Take a piece of sponge long enough to cover your nail and dab it on the gradient polish a couple of times.

Step 4: Now take the painted sponge and press it on your nail and move from side to side in order to cover the whole nail surface.

Step 5: Clear the spilled-over nail polish around the nail with a Q-tip dipped in nail paint remover.

Step 6: Apply top coat for a smooth and glossy finish. And voila!      

Image courtesy: Pinterest