With Diwali come a lot of sweets, lights, firecrackers, parties and of course, selfies! And to make sure you look your best during the festival days, we are sure you have planned your outfits right down to a T.  But not even the prettiest outfit can help you get the perfect Diwali picture if your makeup isn’t on point. Cameras are quick to capture the slightest smudge or the tiniest unblended spot in your makeup. So make sure your makeup is flawless, like the rest of your ensemble, and make a lasting impression on everyone you meet and let them remember your perfect Diwali makeup with these makeup tips.

perfect makeup tips

With Diwali being spread over four days, you will need both daytime and nighttime looks. Your makeup will thus change accordingly, with day looks being more natural and minimal, and getting bolder towards the evening. If you do not have the time or the budget to get yourself to a salon, we’ve got the perfect makeup guide for you right here, to help get you all glammed up for the Diwali festivities in the comfort of your own home.

diwali makeup guide

Before we move on to the steps for the day and the evening makeup looks, there are a few products which are essential to your kit if you need to look your very best for the occasion. This includes a good foundation, loose setting powder, primer, kajal or an eye liner, blush, an eyeshadow palette, a lip liner, lipstick and lip gloss. It is always better to invest in a good makeup kit since not only do quality products last much longer, they also provide a better finish to your makeup.


Fresh as a daisy on Diwali morning

Fresh as a daisy on Diwali morning

The first step is to get your face prepped for the makeup to follow. Cleanse your face with a good face wash, preferably one that makes use of natural ingredients. The Lakmé Blush and Glow Kiwi Freshness Gel Face Wash, for example, contains real kiwi extracts that not only help get rid of the impurities from your skin but also leave your skin with a lovely fruity fragrance. Next, apply a moisturizer on your face before prepping it up further with a primer. The primer helps set the base for all of your makeup and even helps it stay longer.

perfect makeup guide diwali glam

After the primer, choose a good foundation based on your skin type, preferably one that is closer to your natural skin tone. The Lakmé Invisible Finish SPF 8 Foundation is water-based, ultra-light and helps enhance your natural skin tone. It also has SPF 8 to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. A concealer helps you hide all the blemishes and dark circles on your face. Dab on some loose powder using a large fluffy brush to mattify your look. As for the blush and the lip gloss, opt for nude shades that help give your makeup a more natural feel. A highlighter should help add a touch of glow to your cheekbones, although we’d suggest that you try to keep it a bit subtle in the daytime.

As for the eyes, you can play around with a bit of colour in the day time. You could even try to match the colour of your eyeshadow to that of your outfit. Start blending the colour from the centre of the eyelids, applying a shade of brown at the crease. After you’ve outlined your eyes with a fine liner, you can add as much mascara as you like so as to provide further volume and definition to your eye makeup.


Shining Bright in the Evening Light

Shining Bright in the Evening Light

Bold and shimmery is the way to be on a festive Diwali evening. With the surroundings being all lit up, darker shades and all the glitter you can lay your hands upon are only going to help you match up or even outdo the glam around you. The steps for creating the base aren’t too different from your daytime makeup routine, although you could try to opt for a liquid foundation instead, since it works much better with the darker shades that you’ll be putting on for your evening look. The Lakmé Absolute Argan Oil Serum Foundation with SPF 45 has a nice fluid texture and provides your skin with a rich and dewy evening look. It also contains a Moroccan argan oil serum that nourishes your skin deeply, making it soft and supple.

eye liner

Don’t hold back on the shimmer in your highlighter for the evening. As for the blush, bolder and darker shades of pink will only help your cheekbones stand out more in the evening light. Your eye makeup is probably the most important part of your evening look and dark, contrasting shades will help accentuate your features. A dramatic winged liner will add to the oomph factor in your evening look. The waterproof and smudge proof Lakmé Eyeconic Kajal is a perfect evening makeup accessory since it provides your eyes with a beautifully deep black finish on the lower lash line. Put on a dark shade of lipstick to match your look and you’re all ready to dazzle your evening audience with your million watt smile now.