A Breakdown Of A Trending Celebrity Look 

Written by Anushka ShahAug 11, 2022
A Breakdown of a Trending Celebrity Look 

Channel your inner celebrity and Alia Bhatt’s newest shoot look in just a few simple steps!  

Dollying up without looking like you’ve put in ALL that effort? Yes, please. Taking the internet by storm are the sensational no makeup makeup looks; totally a thing! Using beauty products in lesser quantities and in the right way, this trend exudes that minimalistic vibe, while also boasting a glamorous glow. Vouching for its results, celebrities across the globe haven’t shied away from it! Deepika Padukone has been spotted rocking it at her relaxed lunches and the no-brainer location, the airport. And Aalia Bhatt too has carried its #lessismore magnificence to her wedding day. Being taken from the carpets to special occasions, the objective of this look is not to look like you’re not wearing any makeup at all ( yes, really) while you’ve used each and every essential product to enhance your features! Inclusive of a light concealer, a natural lip tint, a soft blush and much more. To give you an insight into how you can create your very own no-makeup makeup looks, we’ve curated an unfailing guide (and have listed our fav products.) To ace the relaxed glam vibe, scroll below and get ready to glow! 

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Step 1: The coverage corner  

When getting down to doing makeup, creating a flawless base is what’s first on the to-do to creatr this celebrity look. While your skin TLC routine is a must, a good coverage cream should be on the shopping list as well! To go in with a creaseless look, ensure your skin is moisturised and cleansed before the products weigh in. One toned skin, apply a lightweight CC cream. If you’re on the hunt for recommendations, we suggest Lakmé’s 9 to 5 Naturale CC cream. With a mousse-like texture and SPF protection, this product cuts the sunscreen steps!  

However, if the CC cream coverage isn’t just the right fit for you! Plunge into something that gives you the coverage you deserve - a dense concealer. Using a little of it on the problem areas and blend well. To get that matte and complete look, opt for Lakmé 9 to 5 Primer + Matte Liquid Concealer, it’s simply fantastic. 

Step 2: The sculpting section  

Brought to life by the Kardashian’s and Jenner’s, contouring has been the IT trend for a while now. Although back in the day, people resorted to powder products, beauty divas now take the creamy route to accentuate their cheekbones, jawlines and holistic face structure. To achieve all these beauty goals and the A1 celebrity look - without many wipes and worries, fall back on either a powder contour or cream stick. Either for a matte finish or for all things velvety and smooth, your choice of product when used to perfection will assure a heavenly sculpt! So, what are you waiting for? Get shaping or shopping.   

Step 3: Blush baby  

While sun-kissed looks are all over the gram, using the right cheek tint to get it right is necessary! After all, this is how you make your clean slate look flushed and full. Give it a nice cherry on the top by using a creamy blush, one that blends with your base seamlessly! Rigid products; super pigmented powders when used improperly give that blocked effect which steals the no-makeup illusion. To embrace that youthful radiance, use a natural pink blush and apply on your cheeks (obviously) and on the tip of your nose if you’re feeling extra. For the sunburnt shine, take its drama to your temples. And lastly, to give this pink daydream your best shot, take smaller amounts of it at first and then keep adding more (as per your wants) so you leave with n0 regrets and pure radiance. 

Step 4: Mascara matters  

Make your eyes look bigger and magical with a mascara that curls your lashes like never before. For that best-in class Alia Bhatt look, pick a pigmented and smudge-proof stick. So, even when you’ve laughed too much, the tears don’t drain it down. Opt for the unmatched Lakmé’s Absolute Flutter Secrets Dramatic Eyes Mascara, pampering you with those deep black lashes, this product should be applied carefully on both on your upper lashes as well as the lower ones; the frequently neglected set.  

P.S.: Ensure they’ve dried before you flutter them and attack yourself with all that black residue.

Step 5: Brow down  

When in doubt, artfully brown it out! Pick up a good brow pencil and get outlining and shaping. Don’t make it too dark, just fill in the empty spaces and gaps with some pigment. Also, understand your brow shade perfectly before selecting a stick — too light or too dark may look odd when the sun hits or the flash comes into focus. 

Tip: Brush your brows in one direction for that sharp look and if not, hop into that Dua Lipa signature style and get them standing. Don’t forget to chop off the longer strands for the fresh and fab look.  

Step 6: For the love of lips  

Make your way to that perfect pout but not with the loud reds and pinks, choose a muted tone to complete your subtle eyes — just like AB has done! Go in for the Elle 18 Color Pops Silk Lipstick, pigmented like a dream, this lipstick glides on your lips, giving you that full and fab look. And ladies, that’s the trick ladies, balance your makeup. Too much of colour, can come off as tacky and too less of it as brining. So, you must sit on the see-saw of perfect makeup and balance it all seamlessly. 

The next time you go out and hear that you’re looking totally like Aalia Bhatt, don’t be shocked! After all, this is the right route to emulating that unmatched celebrity look. So, cut to the chase and fill your cart and heart with these impeccable products. To know more about what beauty stuff the fine and famous are upto, click here. 

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