Anyone who knows me knows that I am kinda obsessed with my skincare routine. Working in the beauty space and having first-hand access to new launches as well as being privy to honest product reviews sort of adds to my obsession.

But if I am being totally honest, despite trying (almost) everything, my skin didn’t really look as great as it should have. I mean, there weren’t any major issues as such, but it didn’t have that healthy, luminous, lit-from-within glow either. While I blamed all of this on the products I was using and kept switching them up every few months if I felt like they weren’t showing the desired results.

But all this changed during the lockdown; thanks to all the extra time, I ended up really trying out some of the skincare tips that I had managed to pick up over the years. And one such trick that I had read extensively read about was the 60-second rule for washing your face. TBH, I really had my doubts if this rule could really do for my skin what those expensive products lying on my skincare shelf couldn’t. But after reading tons of positive reviews from those who had given this one a go, I decided to go for it.

But before we go ahead and talk about my experience, let’s take a look at what the 60-second rule is all about… \

60-second rule to wash your face – explained:

Th #60SecondRule for washing the face was first introduced by Aesthetician Nayamka Roberts-Smith on Twitter. She urged her followers to wash their face for 60 seconds straight. The whole point of washing your face for a full minute is to allow the skincare ingredients in your cleanser to really penetrate into your skin and allow it to work.

According to Nayamka, our skin is exposed to a lot of lot elements each day, and it is really difficult to get rid of every last bit of dirt, oil, sweat and makeup in the 10 seconds that you spend washing your face. When you wash your face for as long as 1 minute, you allow the cleanser to breakdown the impurities as well as clean every nook and cranny of your face such as around the nose, hairline under your chin, etc.


My experience with the 60-second rule

My experience with the 60-second rule

I have been an ardent follower of the double cleansing method and that has definitely improved the look and feel of my skin considerably. But there were a lot of times when my skin didn’t feel as clean and soft as I would have preferred. Therefore, with a bit more me-time on hand (thanks to the lockdown), I decided to indulge in the 60-second rule of face washing to up my self-care game (and also figure out if this did my skin any good). Here’s what I did…

01. Switched my face wash – When I first started following this cleansing rule, I was using a cleanser that I thought I loved to bits — but it was really harsh to be used for 60 seconds straight. The foam would really dry my skin out and leave it tight. Therefore, I switched to Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel — this soap-free cleanser gently removes impurities, without disturbing the skin’s natural moisture balance and is perfect for all skin types.

02. Tweaked my double cleanse time – Going by the rules of the method, I would have to spend one minute on each step of the double cleansing method. Since my skin ranges from dry to combination, I figured two minutes of intense cleansing would be a bit too much. Therefore, I decided to spend the first 30 seconds thoroughly massaging my skin with the Lakme Absolute Argan Oil Radiance Rinse-Off Cleansing Oil and then spend the next 30 seconds working the Dermalogical face wash into my skin.

03. Gently massaged my skin – While I use my oil-based cleanser to breakdown the dirt, sweat and oil, I ensure that I gently massage every part of my face with my fingertips. This includes my hairline, around my nose, my neck, jawline, and around my ears (believe it or not, I would really ignore this area most of the time). After rinsing off the oil cleanser, I would repeat this same process with my face wash to allow the ingredients to really work their way into my skin.


Did it help my skin?

Did it help my skin?

To tell you that I noticed overnight results would be utter nonsense, but I did notice a few minor changes in my skin after about two weeks of following this #60SecondRule religiously. My skin felt a lot softer and there was a marked improvement in the inflammation on my cheeks and forehead. This is what provided the motivation for me to continue.

It has now been about three months since I religiously started following this 60-second face wash rule, and I do notice a lot of changes in my skin. The major one being the frequency of zits and acne. Although I don’t exactly have acne-prone skin, I do experience a random breakout or two every once in a while (and frankly, who doesn’t?). I noticed that this has completely stopped. My skin feels super soft and smooth to touch. Also, my skin does glow a lot more now, thanks to the improved blood circulation due to the massage. These improvements were enough for me to continue following the cleansing method.

To sum it up, this experiment has been a huge hit for me. I now enjoy spending that extra one minute caring for my skin at the end of the day. A word of advice: If you’re planning to try this method too – use the right face wash for your skin type as that is what will make the maximum difference to your skin.