Lip stains are all the rage RN. Not only do they add a lovely flush of colour to the lips, but also don’t dry out your lips or settle into the creases as most matte lipsticks do. The best part is that they fade in the most haphazard manner, leaving behind a just-bitten hue we oh-so-love.

If that doesn’t convince you to get your hands on a lip stain, here are four reasons that will definitely do.


01. They are super long-lasting

They are super long-lasting

If you are someone who hates reapplying their lipstick, then lip stains may just be the perfect choice for you. As the name suggests, lip stains actually stain your lips and make the colour last all day long without budging. Plus, this makes them absolutely perfect to be worn under face masks.


02. They are non-sticky


Love how lip glosses give you a natural flush of colour, but hate the stickiness? You need to get your hands on a lip stain. They give your lips a natural-looking flush of colour, without making your hair stick to your lips and smearing the gloss all over your face *eww*.


03. Don’t look stark on application

Don’t look stark on application

A lot of us would love to wear a bold red lip colour during the day, but the thought of drawing unnecessary attention prevents us from doing that, right? But not with lip stains. As mentioned earlier, lip stains deposit colour onto your lips and lend a beautiful tint without looking OTT. Making it perfect for girls who’d love to wear bold lippies during the day without looking ‘too much’.


04. They are pocket-friendly

They are pocket-friendly

Another reason why we love lip stains is because they are extremely economical too. Since they are super long-lasting and require no touch-ups for hours and hours, you only need to apply the product once a day and you are all set. This ensures that you use very little product; therefore, it lasts for much longer than a traditional lipstick or lip gloss.

Main image courtesy: @debasreee and @malvikasitlaniofficial