In the desperate search for flawless skin, we’re willing to try our hand at anything—trending skin care tips, recommended skin routines and celebrity secrets. But have you ever stopped to think that the habits we least suspected could be the root cause of our skin care problems? We spoke to esteemed dermatologist Dr.Rashmi Shetty, author of ‘Age Erase’ and dermat to the stars for a low-down on the skin care habits that are unknowingly doing our skin damage...

popping a zit causes damage

HabitPopping a zit

Why you should stop doing it – This is a complete no-no. “Every pimple may not be pop-able,” says Dr. Shetty, “and if your skin isn’t ready, you end up pressing too hard and driving the acne content deeper. Even if it can be popped, it will cause more damage than it would have otherwise, such as scarring.”

One way to avoid zits is to refrain from touching your face too often, adopt a CTM routine that works for you and get frequent cleanups based on your skin type.

Habit – Not seeking a dermatologist’s help in time

Why – Dr. Rashmi finds this all too common—“Many patients put off visiting a skin expert because they believe it will just go away. However, skin problems like acne or pigmentation are a lot more persistent and won’t go away on their own. Which is why, to get to the bottom of why it occurs and how best to treat it, a medical expert's testing and diagnosis is required.”

Sure, turmeric, honey, milk, besan and a lot of other potent ingredients found in our kitchen are filled with skin-healing properties making them great homemade solutions. But give yourself a time-frame to allow them to work. If you find that your skin problem persistent, head to the dermat.

identify your skin type

Habit – Using the wrong products for one’s skin type

Why – “Many times, the right skin care regime is all you require,” emphasises Dr. Shetty, “Something as simple as the right face wash can do wonders. The right dermatologist can go a long way in helping you identify your skin type”.

Ideally, the cleansing-toning-moisturising routine ticks all our boxes.
For oily skin, opt for light, water-based products and for dry skin, choose rich, nourishing variants. For combination skin, pin-point the dry and oily areas and use a blend of lightweight and creamy products.

over exfoliating your face

Habit – Over-exfoliating your face

Why – Unfortunately, trying to get skin that feels clean can cause it damage.
“Choosing the right exfoliation medium makes all the difference. Since only the top layer needs exfoliation, do this on a weekly basis and use products that have non-abrasive granules”, says the expert.

While exfoliation can do wonders, it’s important not to go overboard with it. Whether your have oily, acne-prone or combination skin, choose the exfoliator of your choice--exfoliating gloves, dry brushes, loofahs or natural exfoliants--all work work depending on your skin type. And remember to be gentle without applying too much pressure.

Habit – Not following a dermatologist’s advice to the tee.

Why – There’s a reason why dermatologists give the advice they give—because they’re the experts. Says Dr. Shetty,”When a doctor recommends a skin care regime, doing 2 steps of the 3 isn’t helping. There’s a balance kept in mind when a recommendation is made and for results to show, it has to be followed to the tee.”

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