AHA! This is what’s been missing from your skincare routine

written by Urvi Dalal on Feb 15, 2019

If you are savvy about skincare products, then we have got a buzz-y ingredient for you: Alpha Hydroxy Acids or AHAs. These are plant and animal derived acids which when included in your regular skincare products deliver a luminous glow and flawless complexion that you crave.

If this gentle skincare acid has escaped your beauty radar, read on to find out how AHAs will uncover your inner radiance with regular use…

Removes Dead Skin Cells

AHAs are the primer ingredient in chemical exfoliants and it helps to gently exfoliate your skin. It works to dissolve the top most dead skin layer and brighten up your complexion.

Increases cell renewal

As AHAs help clear away dead skin cells, they also help to bring to surface fresh, young skin cells. As new cells come to the surface, your complexion becomes more bright and luminous.

Promotes collagen production

Collagen helps to keep your skin looking young and radiant. Using skincare products with AHAs helps to promote collagen production and keep your skin youthful and soft.

Reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles

AHAs help in resurfacing the complexion and smoothening out the skin tone, thereby making your face look revitalised and fresh. Your skin texture appears refined and the anti-ageing benefits eliminate surface fine lines and wrinkles for younger looking skin.

Helps minimise and correct discolouration

Sun exposure and ageing are two major factors that cause pigmentation and discoloured skin. AHAs promote skin cell turnover and the new skin cells are evenly pigmented. This ensures that your looks even toned and flawless.