While we’d all love to believe that our beauty routine is the best, it could probably be loaded with toxic ingredients. Chemical-infused skincare products can actually do more harm than good to your skin. If your beauty products are not 100 percent free of skincare baddies, hate to be the one to break it to you, but your beauty routine is NOT clean!

Let’s get some facts straight. Around 60 percent of the chemicals applied topically on the skin can enter your bloodstream, causing not just minor skin issues and allergies, but also something as major as cancer. Yes, you read that right!

Clean beauty fast facts

So, before you go on with your everyday skincare routine using the same old products, ask yourself these four questions to find out whether your beauty routine is clean or not.


#1: Are my skincare products free of the common baddies?

#1: Are my skincare products free of the common baddies?

If you’re someone who thoroughly moisturises your face and body twice a day but has never bothered to look at what’s inside that bottle, then girl, you’re committing the biggest skin sin.

Unsafe, toxic chemicals can really mess with your body. Parabens, phthalates, silicones and harsh preservatives in your skincare routine may not show negative results immediately, but they are certainly not your skin’s best friends in the long run. If your beauty products have any of these baddies, then put them down RN, and replace them with a clean beauty brand.

If you’re planning on switching to a clean beauty routine, first start by familiarising yourself with the most common skincare baddies and making sure you’re updated with foreign-sounding ingredients. Then look for a brand that fits the bill. I recommend Simple Kind To Skin products for the simple reason that they are free from artificial colours, parabens as well as harsh chemicals and preservatives.


#2: Does my moisturiser or body lotion have a strong fragrance?

#2: Does my moisturiser or body lotion have a strong fragrance?

Let’s admit it! We all love it when our body lotions and creams smell good. But, did you know that fragrances in skincare products are actually not very beneficial for your skin?


#3: Does my face feel extremely dry after cleansing or using makeup remover?

#3: Does my face feel extremely dry after cleansing or using makeup remover?

Have you ever experienced excess dryness immediately after cleansing or using your makeup remover? If the answer is yes, then it is high time you take a look at the ingredients mentioned at the back of your skincare products. Your skincare products could possibly be infused with Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS).

SLS is your skin’s biggest enemy. It not only strips your skin of natural moisture and adds to dry skin woes, but also triggers allergies and reactions.

Similarly, alcohol-infused skincare products can wreak havoc on your skin, causing dryness, irritation and breakouts. It tampers with your skin’s protective barrier, making it less effective in holding moisture in. Therefore, if your makeup removers are infused with alcohol, you know your beauty routine is not clean. Replace them with the Simple Kind To Skin Micellar Cleansing Water and Eye Make-Up Remover and you’re sure to see a visible difference in the condition of your skin.


#4: Is my skincare routine too complicated?

#4: Is my skincare routine too complicated?

The more products you use, the more you’re exposing your skin to harmful chemicals. Therefore, it’s best to toss out the products that are not contributing much to the health of your skin.

Also, when you use too many skincare products at a single time, it’s difficult for you to track the results. After all, how would you know which products are beneficial and which are harming your skin?

Our suggestion: opt for a simpler routine and cleaner beauty products. Just a few effective products are all you need to make your beauty routine safe and non-toxic.

So, if your bathroom cabinet is loaded with skincare products, then it’s time for a detox, girl! Switching to clean beauty with a brand like Simple will make you realise that less is actually more.


1) Are clean beauty products supposed to be organic?

Organic products are made with ingredients that have been grown organically. They  may not be suitable for some skin types (especially sensitive skin), which is why ‘organic’ and ‘clean’' do not go hand in hand. Clean beauty products can be formulated with inorganic ingredients, as long as they are safe for skin types.

2)  Are clean beauty products supposed to be natural?

Similar to the argument above, 'clean' and 'natural' products don't have to be interchangeable. Natural products are formulated with pure ingredients found in nature, whereas clean products focus on being non-toxic, sustainable, cruelty-free and eco-friendly. Natural products may or may not follow the same mantra for product formulation.

3) Are there any side effects to clean beauty?

No. There are no side effects to clean beauty. On the contrary, you're doing your skin (and the planet) a huge favour by opting for clean beauty products since they are formulated without harmful ingredients.