With new seasons come new trends. While the winter season is packed with a truckload of beauty and fashion trends thanks to the festivities, we’re particularly thrilled about the skincare trends given how dehydrated and dull the skin tends to get in this season. With all the events and festivities filling up your calendar, here are five skincare trends that will help you establish a healthy relationship with your skin this winter.


01. Face oils

Face oils

Face oils have particularly received their long due fame this winter by being recognised as one of the key steps to fight dull and lacklustre skin this season. Dry and cold winter air can often dehydrate and damage the skin’s moisture barrier. Face oils rich in omega fatty acids and antioxidants are particularly of aid to help protect skin against damage and nourish the skin, keeping it healthy and glowing.


02. LED technology

LED technology

LED technology seems to be a popular at-home choice to get rid of acne, fine lines and dullness. LED masks emit visible wavelengths of blue and red light. While the blue light is used to target bacteria and treat acne, the red light penetrates deeper and is used for general collagen-boosting, making it ideal for banishing signs of ageing. Unlike topical skincare, the light from the masks penetrates deeper into the skin killing the bacteria before it surfaces up. It also increased blood flow to the face, making it look plump and healthy. We don’t know about you, but we’re definitely trying this one out STAT!


03. Skinimalism


This trend is all about accepting your skin’s natural texture and adopting simple yet effective skincare routines to deal with any skin issues at hand. Using lesser and smarter products that would work on your skin type and concerns is the way to go. So, before you stock up on winter skincare take a moment and reflect on how it’s going to affect your skin. Less is more with this new trend.


04. De-stressing skincare

De-stressing skincare

Thanks to the pandemic and WFH routines, stress is an inevitable and rent-free part of our lives. So self-care breaks are more important now than ever and this latest trend tends to that. It’s all about releasing your stress and pampering the skin while at it. We recommend the Pond’s Hydrating Sheet Mask With Vitamin B3 And 100% Natural Coconut Water because it hydrates the skin and leaves it feeling soft and plump. Just slap on a sheet mask and relax for 15-20 minutes. Not only will you be feeling better, but your skin will be looking better too.


05. Supplements


With millennials and especially Gen Z being so obsessed with quick fixes for everything, supplements are the new cool. Supplements are the way to go when it comes to fixing any skin related problems. Of course, consult a dermatologist and only then invest and ingest anything after getting their approval.