Quick fix beauty hacks to save you any embarrassment on your wedding day

Written by Fatema HabibNov 13, 2019

Trust me, girls; planning and prepping for your wedding way in advance is not at all overrated! That said, things can go wrong and not according to plan, so maybe prepare for that too? But don’t freak out. We’ve got your back, girl.

For those times when you have a surprise zit, flaky lips or you just can’t get your hair to behave, we have a bagful of quick-fixes to sort you out. Master these bridal beauty hacks to tackle any beauty emergency and look picture-perfect on your big day. No embarrassing moments for sure!

Hack #1: Cure a pre-wedding zit with aspirin

Spotting a zit on the eve of your wedding is the biggest nightmare for any bride. Before you switch into panic mode or squeeze that pimple, try this quick, and far more hygienic trick that won’t damage the surrounding skin. Take an aspirin, crush it and mix it with a few drops of water to form a thick paste. Apply it on the zit and leave it on overnight. Aspirin is essentially salicylic acid, which is found in many acne-fighting products. It dries out the pimple and reduces redness and swelling too. If it does leave a mark behind, you can easily cover it up with foundation or concealer.

Hack #2: Petroleum jelly or lip balm to tame flyaways

Your bridal arsenal needs to have tools that can be used in emergency situations. While bandages can help with minor cuts and shoe-bites, petroleum jelly or lip balm can be of great help in taming flyaways that are known for ruining wedding pictures. Use a clean mascara wand or a toothbrush lightly coated with petroleum jelly to fix pesky flyaways instantly.

Hack #3: Makeup sponge to remove excess bronzer or blush

Let’s admit it! Bridal makeup is heavy. You’ve probably never worn so much makeup on your face before, and we get it. But there’s a difference between full-face makeup and going overboard. If you think your makeup artist has gone a little overboard with your bronzer or blush, then you can quickly fix it yourself with the help of a clean makeup sponge. Lightly pat the areas you want to tone down; the sponge will absorb the excess product without ruining your makeup.

Hack #4: Cold cream for flaky lips

Dry, flaky and peeling lips can be a bummer, especially on your big day. If you want to look pout-perfect on your special day, then it’s time to give your lips some extra care and attention before you go over with your lipstick. Take a dollop of cold cream and swipe it over your lips. Then, take a clean baby toothbrush to gently scrub away dry and flaky skin. Your lipstick will glide on smoothly post this quick lip care session.

Hack #5: Fix messed-up hair with a texturizing spray

With all that dancing at your sangeet, there are high chances of your hair getting all sweaty and messed up. To fix your greasy hairstyle, a texturizing spray can come in handy. During a touch-up break, simply spritz some hair spray so that it sops up excess grease and oil at the roots, leaving your hair looking fresh.

Image courtesy: Instagram