Retinol is revolutionary. It exfoliates, treats acne, and delivers anti-ageing benefits to your skin. But the all-star ingredient demands effective application to be able to live up to its claims. Ahead, we've listed five things you need to keep in mind when using a retinol serum.

But before we dive in, allow us to introduce you to our favourite retinol-infused serum — the Pond's Age Miracle Double Action Serum. Enriched with vitamin B3 and retinol-C technology, this formula diminishes the appearance of wrinkles and lines, evens out your skin tone, and repels dryness. Just massage a little into your skin, and that's it!


01. Do not mix with other actives

Do not mix with other actives

There are a lot of actives that, when combined together, boost each other's potency, and deliver even more powerful benefits to the skin. But retinol isn't one of them. Don't mix this vitamin A-derivative with AHAs, BHAs, exfoliants, or scrubs. This facilitates stronger absorption of retinol, and even though that might sound great, extra absorption can trigger irritation and redness on the skin. Retinol is powerful as it is. But you can combine it with a little moisturiser to hydrate the skin, and reduce the risk of irritation at the same time.


02. Do apply it at night

Do apply it at night

You must work retinol into your nighttime skincare regimen. Retinol makes the skin sensitive, and exposing sensitive skin to sunlight can cause issues like pigmentation, inflammation and whatnot. That’s why it’s best to include a retinol serum like the Pond's Age Miracle Double Action Serum in your nighttime skincare routine and let it work its magic.


03. Don't apply on damp skin

Don't apply on damp skin

Even though applying formulas on damp skin enables effective absorption, the rule doesn't apply to retinol. Deeper absorption of retinol can trigger irritation and sensitivity. Secondly, always layer your under-eye area with eye cream before applying retinol. Since that area is delicate, the application of retinol can lead to irritation if applied close to the eye. All you need is a pea-sized amount. Start off by applying a little to the neck, and work your way upwards in an outward and upward motion.


04. Do start off with a lower concentration

Do start off with a lower concentration

Since retinol is extremely powerful, using stronger concentrations from the get-go can cause rashes and dryness. You must consult your dermatologist before incorporating the formula into your regimen. It's advisable to start off with lower concentrations of 0.2% to 0.3% to test it on the skin, and increase the potency over time. You can use it twice a week and gauge how your skin is reacting to it. Once your skin gets used to it, you can gradually increase the concentration.


05. Don't use facial tools

Don't use facial tools

The logic behind not massaging retinol into your skin with a facial tool is the same as why you shouldn’t apply the active on damp skin. If retinol penetrates too deep into your skin, it can trigger unwarranted reactions. Just use your fingers to gently massage it into your skin.