There’s nothing better than soaking your feet in warm water after running around in heels the whole day. Makes you feel relaxed just thinking about it, doesn’t it? While you might have soaked your tired feet in plain, warm water dozens of times, what you didn’t know is that dropping some natural goodness in that water can give you pretty, summer-ready feet.

We are talking about foot soaks. They not only relax your feet but also cleanse and detoxify them. You can prepare a foot soak at home and score a salon-like foot spa by adding a few moisturising and cleansing ingredients. C’mon, you know you owe it to your feet after trapping them in boots and shoes all winter long. So, here we have not one, but three super easy DIY foot soaks to prep your feet for strappy summer sandals and flip flops.  


01. Lemon + peppermint essential oil + honey

01.	Lemon + peppermint essential oil + honey

In a bowl of warm water, add three spoons of honey, juice of half a lemon and a few drops of peppermint essential oil. Mix all the ingredients together and transfer the mixture in a basin. Soak your feet in this for about 30 minutes. Pat dry with a towel and moisturise.

Honey and peppermint oil are antibacterial and extremely nourishing, while lemon juice acts as an astringent and cleanser. This foot soak helps brighten the feet, eliminate dryness and curbs fungal infection.


02. Coconut oil + lavender oil + rose water

02.	Coconut oil + lavender oil + rose water

Mix two tablespoons of pure coconut oil, one tablespoon of rose water and four to five drops of lavender oil in hot water. Put your feet in this solution and let them sit in it for about 20 minutes. Wash off and dry with a towel. Follow up with a foot cream.

This foot soak that helps heal extremely dry and cracked heels and make your feet super soft and pretty. Coconut oil helps moisturise your feet, while rose water and lavender oil leave them smelling and looking great.


03. Green tea + sea salt + olive oil

03.	Green tea + sea salt + olive oil

Rich in antioxidants, green tea helps detoxify the skin, while sea salt exfoliates and olive oil leaves the feet moisturised and smooth. Use this foot soak to exfoliate, remove tan and brighten up your feet.

Brew some green tea in hot water and add a tablespoon of sea salt and olive oil each, into it. Mix it well and dip your feet in it for half an hour. When you are done, use it as a foot scrub to exfoliate. Rinse with clean water. Towel-dry your feet and apply a moisturiser.