If you are someone with sensitive skin, you know the struggle of finding the right makeup products for your skin type. Apply the wrong product, and you might put your skin at risk. 

Since you have sensitive skin, choosing the right makeup and applying it the right way goes a long way. One wrong move and you could land up with redness, itchiness and breakouts. While it is difficult to pinpoint what exactly your skin would react adversely to, here is everything that you need to do to prevent your makeup from wreaking havoc on your sensitive skin.

essential makeup tips every girl with sensitive skin should know

Prep your skin before wearing makeup

If you have sensitive skin, it is really important to start with a thorough skincare routine to help prep your skin for the makeup products to follow. Remember to use products that are super gentle and specially formulated for your sensitive skin type. Start by thoroughly cleansing your skin, toning it and then slathering on some lightweight moisturiser. A good moisturiser keeps your skin looking and feeling healthy and also prevents dryness and dehydration.

essential makeup tips every girl with sensitive skin should know

Use solid makeup products

While this may sound slightly bizarre, here’s a trick that people with sensitive skin should keep in mind when buying makeup. Always try to look for stick or compact alternatives for your usual makeup. A stick or compact foundation formulas has a lesser amount of water content to harbour bacteria and this means that they contain lesser number of preservatives too.

essential makeup tips every girl with sensitive skin should know

Pay attention to expiry dates

Yu may tend to overlook the expiry dates of makeup products, especially if you don’t use makeup on everyday basis. Apart from the best before date, an often-overlooked element of a beauty product's packaging is the tiny symbol that says "6M" (six months) "12M" (one year), etc. What this means is that the particular product will last for that much time once it’s opened. Pay attention and make sure to replace your makeup when it expires. We guess it’s time to purge that liner you've been loyal to for five years.

essential makeup tips every girl with sensitive skin should know

Switch to lightweight base makeup products

According to the pros, a highly pigmented product has a higher chance of drying out your skin. Therefore, it is better to switch to BB creams instead of foundations, especially for everyday use. This is because BB creams contain fewer pigments; it is less drying on the skin, and therefore safer. Another big tip? Use powder sparingly, as it also dries the skin out, which can lead to irritation. If you do rely on powder, tap off any excess before applying it to be sure you're using the bare minimum.

essential makeup tips every girl with sensitive skin should know

Keep your makeup tools clean

Lastly, even after using the right products and following the steps above, if your makeup applicators are not clean, there is a chance that it will leave your skin irritated. Ideally, you should be cleaning your makeup brushes once a week to prevent skin reactions. Also, always be as gentle as possible when applying makeup using tools as rubbing or swiping too harshly can cause further skin irritation and flare-ups.

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