When it comes to skincare, the best thing you can do for your skin is to provide it with good ingredients that either boost its health or help tackle existing skin woes. Which means, the key to nailing a skincare routine is to supply it with the right ingredients, and for oily skin, that means using ingredients that help absorb excess oil without leaving your skin dry and tight.

Fortunately, we know a couple of ingredients that can help with oil control. Here are five of them that should be added to your oily skin regimen ASAP…


01. Antioxidants

5 oil-absorbing skincare ingredients for oily skin

Oxidative stress on the skin, which is also related to free radical damage, can cause inflammation in the skin and trigger excessive oiliness. Antioxidants — vitamins or plant-derived — help fight this oxidative stress. For instance, aloe vera is a powerful antioxidant (popular too!) and can keep flaky patches caused due to excessive oiliness, at bay. Plus, it also possesses anti-inflammatory benefits that help reduce acne breakouts and redness.

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02. Salicylic acid

5 oil-absorbing skincare ingredients for oily skin

A popular skincare ingredient that has found a place in oily skin routines, salicylic acid is known to be lipophilic, which means it dissolves oil. It can penetrate deep into your pores to get rid of deep-set dirt and impurities, clear oil buildup and slough off dead skin cells to give you clear skin.

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03. Clays


Clays like kaolin, bentonite and montmorillonite are one of the best oil absorbing ingredients out there. They are low in moisture content; thus, when used in skincare, can suck out major oil and gunk from your skin. When used in moisturisers and face masks, clays are always combined with other hydrating ingredients to counter-off their drying nature. So make sure you’re choosing a well-balanced product, instead of just applying pure clay on your face.

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04. Charcoal


Another popular oily skin staple, charcoal’s natural texture resembles that of a concentrated sponge with numerous holes in it. When applied topically, this ingredient can absorb the oil from your skin and trap them in these holes; thus, being highly efficient at giving you a fresh and shine-free complexion.

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05. Niacinamide

5 oil-absorbing skincare ingredients for oily skin

Also known as vitamin B3, niacinamide is known to absorb excess sebum and improve the appearance of pores and fine lines. It also strengthens the skin’s barrier and increases its surface renewal rate to help reverse the signs of damage such as hyperpigmentation.

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