Were you aware that the skin on your face is home to pores? Well, if this is news to you, let us tell you — there are two different pores on our skin. One releases natural oils or sebum that keeps the skin moisturised and prevents dryness, the other one releases sweat along with toxins. However, don’t panic! You don’t need to book an urgent dermat session for both these pores to work collaboratively to keep your healthy look intact. The only downside being, sometimes one's oil-releasing facial pores become enlarged, making your skin look dull and mature (yup, ugh.) And while you cannot get rid of large pores completely, there are ways in which you can reduce their daunting appearance and prevent them from enlarging further. Right now, we know you must have loads of questions about facial pores and so we are here to your rescue — with all the right answers! So don’t stress because we’ve got you all covered. 

Dr. Niketa Sonavane, Cosmetic Dermatologist of Ambrosia Aesthetics, Mumbai, comes across a lot of patients dealing with similar problems as yours — large facial pores! In this article, she shares valuable insights on the topic as she reveals the reasons behind enlarged pores, ways to reduce their appearance and treatment options for large open pores. So, make notes as we shed light on some unmatched scientific insight and tell you how to shrink your wide pores. 

#1 Invest in water-based products  

what are pores on face woman mask

When you’re shopping for that best skincare fit, you must’ve come across oil-based solutions. But beware ladies for these are the products that induce blackheads and whiteheads on acne-prone skin. So, if you suffer from excessive grease, stray away from these bottles and packets for the loaded oil content accumulates on the skin, making your expanded pores appear larger. If you have oily skin, you will benefit from products that contain humectants instead of oils. Try to look for honey and urea in the ingredients — they’ll keep your dermis supple, shiny and do away from the disadvantages of oil. 

what are pores on face woman wash

#2 Don’t forget to wash your face  

Let’s own up! While some of us indulge in fancy skincare routines, some of us can’t get ourselves to wash our faces. However, washing your face every morning and evening is basic skin care; don’t shy away from it. Cleansing your face, with an appropriate wash based on your skin-type helps in removing the oil and dirt from your large pores — hence, making them less visible. For oily skin we suggest, Lakmé’s Blush & Glow Lemon Freshness Gel and for a dry dermis, Dove’s Beauty Moisture Conditioning Face Wash Cleanser is a no brainer!  

what are pores on face woman mask

#3 The exfoliation angle

Get scrubbing and exfoliate your skin once or twice a week to remove the dirt and dead cells that clog your pores. When on the hunt to find the best-in-class products, get your hands on products such as lactic acid or salt glif acid. If your skin is sensitive and prone to instant reactions, then you should go in for polyhydroxy acids such as lactobionic acid or gluconolactone; always more suitable! However, while exfoliating be careful and remember not to go overboard as that can cause dryness and rashes. After all, everything done in moderation is the only right way to go about things. 

#4 A soap-free foaming cleanser comes to the rescue 

what are pores on face woman wash

If you suffer from oil attack, go in for a foaming cleanser to curb your visible large pores. However, stay away from alcohol-based washes as they can annoy your skin — leading to redness and rashes. Also, avoid moisturising cleansers as their stickiness can stay behind, making your pores appear larger. So, when it comes to shrinking the appearance of your pores, shop with thought! 

#5 Moisturising mania  

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Give your skin that creamy and soft treatment and use a moisturiser everyday — even if you have oily skin. To cut the stickiness for our greasy skin folks, pick an oil-free moisturiser that easily sinks into the skin. Hydrated and happy skin looks fresh, produces less oil and reduces the size of big pores. The magical ingredients are ceramides and hyaluronic acid.  

PS: We swear by Lakmé’s Lumi Cream for it creates an unparalleled radiance. 

#6 Play with clay 

what are pores on face woman clay mask

When in doubt, just clay it out! Use a clay mask once or twice a week to remove large quantities of oil from the pores. The texture of the clay absorbs sedum and temporarily reduces pore size. If you’re keen to try out this solution, choose nothing but Lakme’s Absolute Perfect Radiance Mineral Clay Mask. Enriched with Vitamin C, B3 and micro crystal, this look-enhancer is here to serve you with the results you yearn for.  

Note: When hopping onto the clay bandwagon, give your skin sufficient time between your masking and exfoliation routine. Doing too much of anything can confuse your skin, leading to otherwise avoidable reactions. We say, make a choice between the best in the business — multani mitti, rhassoul clay or bentonite clay. 

#7 Double cleanse your makeup  

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Slept with makeup on? Guilty! Renowned as one of makeup’s biggest crimes, having makeup on your skin for prolonged periods of time can block your pores, leading to the development of oil and bacteria. Consequently, triggering blackheads, whiteheads and open pores. To smoothly remove the layers of foundation, get your hands on Micellar water and cotton pads; the unfailing and quick combination. Keep them close to you, so you’re never so lazy to not use them. 

#8 Sunscreen for the win  

what are pores on face woman sunscreen

The minute you overlook the importance of sunscreen, the sun performs its horrors on your skin. How you may ask? UV exposure breaks down the collagen in your skin over time. Less collagen surrounding the pores means larger and more visible facial large pores. To keep your skin shielded from its day, pick a broad-spectrum sunscreen with a blue light filter or opt for the Pond's Bright Beauty Spot-Less Glow SPF 15 Day Cream – and wear it daily.  Yes, even when it’s raining. Also, reapply your sunscreen every 3-4 hours for best results!