Fatima Sana Shaikh rose to fame after playing the role of Geeta Phogat in the movie Dangal. Since then she has wooed audiences with her stellar performances. Apart from her exceptional acting chops, she is also known for her clear and flawless skin.

So, on Fatima Sana Shaikh’s birthday today, we decided to share some of the best skincare secrets she swears by. If you want to get beautiful and glowing skin like the actress, copy these habits right away.


01. Never leave home without sunscreen

fatima sana shaikh

Fatima never steps out of the house without a generous layer of sunscreen on her face. She says it not only protects her skin from the sun but also prevents makeup from coming in direct contact with her sensitive skin. There are days when you will find nothing on her face except sunscreen.


02. Use malai on skin

fatima sana shaikh

Fatima swears by this natural beauty hack. The actress has mentioned in multiple interviews that she loves applying malai on her skin for superior moisturisation. To prevent lip dryness and discolouration, she prefers using pure ghee.


03. Vaseline for the win

fatima sana shaikh

A product the actress uses regularly is Vaseline. She says it works wonders for her skin and keeps the moisture intact for a long time. Since her skin is sensitive to many products, she prefers keeping her skincare routine simple.


04. Thorough cleansing at night

fatima sana shaikh

To get clear and flawless skin, taking off makeup at night is super important. And Fatima takes her night-time cleansing very seriously. “It's non-negotiable,” she says. So, no matter how tired she is, she’ll always take off her makeup before hitting the sack.


05. Lots of water and enough sleep

fatima sana shaikh

Sleeping at a reasonable time and drinking enough water seems basic, but can do wonders for your skin, says Fatima. When her sleep schedule goes for a toss, it immediately shows on her skin. So, if you want gorgeous skin, keep your gadgets aside at bedtime and ensure you get your beauty sleep!

All image courtesy: @fatimasanashaikh