4 Fuss-free Pinterest-inspired hairdos for college

We all love the snooze button, don’t we? Those extra few minutes in bed are the most precious. But, those extra few minutes can throw your entire morning schedule off-balance.

As a college going girl, we understand that it is important for you to dress well and be presentable (even for those early morning lectures). This means nothing should get in the way of your routine of getting ready.

Read on as we scout out Pinterest for 4 superfast, fuss-free hairdos to oomph up your college look in minutes.
half buns

Half buns

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that half buns have been around for a while. These versatile mini buns work just as well for the after-hours as they do for rushed mornings. Try these two versions of the half bun depending on what suits your face cut.

Hair parted at your temples makes for a half bun that complements the morning look. On the other hand, the half bun with hair parted above your ears is more casual and works for when you’re lounging around after class.


The mermaid tail braid

Braids have been ruling the beauty roost for some time now, but who has the time for a stylish but complicated braid early in the morning? Well, here is a super simple hack to wear a chic braid to college without putting in much time!

Create a simple side parting for your hair. Now, gather all your hair on the left side and divide it into two equal parts. Braid each part into two simple neat braids. Take the two braids and clip them together to create one messy but chic mermaid tail braid for a perfect college hairdo.


Braided bun

A slightly fancier version of the half bun, this braided bun is for when you and your friends have planned an extended evening or a night out on the town and you want to dress up more than usual.

For this braided bun, all you need to do is take the front section of your hair and braid it backwards. Stop half way and part your hair from your temples. Now, pull all of it into a bun at the top, leaving a few loose strands falling on your shoulders.


Side parting with tucked braids

This one is as simple as it looks and is perfect for a day college look. What’s more, it takes no more than a couple of minutes.

A simple centre parting and tiny braids starting at the temples and tucked at the back. Simple and yet so stylish!

Image credit: Pinterest

written by on Jun 08, 2018


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