5 makeup must-haves for dusky skin tones

For those of you who tread the fine line between a foundation which looks too pasty on your skin and the one which makes you look grey or too dark – here is something for you. Your days of mixing two shades of foundations to get just the right shade for you skin are over.

Rejoice girls! Deeper skin tones carry makeup beautifully and can look dramatic with very few products. Here’s putting together a list of makeup must-haves for looking maximum glamorous with minimal effort.

P.S: Begin with the usual C-T-M routine. Remember to exfoliate once or twice in a week. Healthy, supple skin always carries makeup best.
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The right foundation

If you have the right foundation, you can rule the world! There are a few things you need to keep in mind while buying a foundation though. Always test your foundation on the jawline where your skin undertones are clear. Also make sure you check the shade in natural daylight, rather than in artificial or LED lights. Foundations offer a range of coverages and finishes. Like the Lakmé Absolute Illuminating Foundation, which is available in a range of shades suitable for dusky skin tones (like the shade Walnut tan), and has the added benefit of being a highlighter and makes you look like you are perpetually sitting in candle-light! Who wouldn’t want that?

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Focus on your eyes

Women with deeper skin tones are blessed with dark eyes and thick lashes. Draw attention to your eyes with eyeliners and mascara. Your smoky eye does not have to be black! Experiment with plum, burgundy and copper shades. We suggest you try metallic shades and jeweled toned shades for a different yet attractive look. With Lakmé Absolute Shine Line, which is available in four metallic, pigment-rich colours, you can look like a million bucks in one stroke.

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The right kinda blush

A sweep of colour across your cheeks will instantly perk up your features. Pick peach and orange based colours for deeper skin tones rather than beige and brown based colours. For an instant dose of glamour, add a little gold highlight to the highest points of your cheek bones. For a day to night look, carry just the highlighter and apply it before you hit the party!

The perfect pout

Gloss and matte, both work very well for dusky skin and you can experiment with the full range of colours available. From nudes to deep purples, all look good on darker skin tones. It is also a good idea to layer your lips with a little foundation, so you get an even base for your lippy to go on. Also, if you have dark lips, this will make your lip colour pop! Carry your favourite lipstick for touch-ups when ever you need.

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Magic at your fingertips

A good manicure can cure the lows! Get regular manicures to maintain your nails and choose from shocking pinks, corals, fuschia or purple. Or for a Kate Middleton inspired royal look, opt for nudes. Whatever your pick, you can carry it off girl! We like the chip-proof and long-lasting colours in the Lakmé 9to5 Primer + Matte Nails range. As the name suggests, it delivers a matte finish in a host of colours, perfect for everyday!

written by on Jun 11, 2018


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